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August 22, 2006

Meet Breanne and Sapphire!

Breanne By Breanne Boyle - eMarketing Manager -

Cars have somehow always been a part of my life. My grandfather built custom T-bucket hot rods and my father has owned every cool old car imaginable, so from the day I was born I was destined to be around automotive. Even my brother builds cars and works in the industry.

I started out working for Primedia, one of the largest publishers of automotive magazines, where I spent time working on Import Tuner, European Car, Automobile and Motor Trend. I learned an immense amount about cars and aftermarket parts and repairs. And it really deepened my already-ingrained enthusiasm for cars. Working with brands like Motor Trend allowed me opportunities to manage marketing programs and special projects.

Along the way, I discovered Ask Patty. I was working as a freelance writer for the above magazines and wanted to add to my list. After a few phone calls with Jody DeVere, Ask Patty’s President, I decided I wanted to be more involved with such a great tool for women. So I accepted a position as eMarketing Manager with Ask Patty and here I am!

Besides working for a living with cars, I have had my own experiences with car buying, car repairs, etc. And they haven’t always been easy. My first car was a 1979 VW Beetle convertible. I bought it in high school with babysitting money for roughly $2000. I guess I babysat a lot! My dad and I fixed it up and had it running in enough time for me to sell it and move away to college in Ohio. An old Bug with a cloth top wasn’t going to fare well in the Midwest winters. Instead I bought a used Oldsmobile 'boat of a car' and took that back with me.

Here is my current ride 'Sapphire', an Acura RSX Type -S.

I remember my first experience with doing car maintenance on my own. I took that Oldsmobile to a large chain to have the oil changed and when I drove it home my car was smoking like a chimney and smelled burned. I had no idea what to do. The response I got from the mechanics was patronizing at best. Luckily I found a small shop who was willing to explain the mistakes they made and helped me go back to them and get it straightened out. Where was Ask Patty when I needed her?

I bought my very first brand new car, a 2005 Acura RSX-S in December of 2004. My first car! I had arrived! I learned a lot from that experience. I did tons of research online via Edmunds and Motor Trend. I found out what the invoice price for my chosen vehicle was, and how much others were paying around the country.
Once I was sure about what I wanted to spend and all the options I wanted (I highly suggest you know what options you want Before you go into the dealer because they will usually try to push you into more), I started pitting dealerships against each other until someone came low enough for me. I bought the car for $300 over invoice, lower than the average.

I also did some research into car insurance prices before I knew what make and model I wanted. I found out that there are certain models that have a higher premium for seemingly odd reasons. You should try to find that out before you purchase. You may find that the car you wanted has a hefty insurance price tag and that may sway your decision. It did for me.

So I am happy to be starting my position as eMarketing Manager with Ask Patty and look forward to hearing from all you consumer and dealership women out there!

My contact information for new articles, content or marketing ideas for Ask Patty:

Breanne Boyle



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