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November 24, 2015

Tips From Ford And Emily Post For An Enjoyable (And Polite) Holiday Drive


Holiday driving can cause more than road rage – it can wreak havoc on relationships. Whether stuck in Thanksgiving traffic or riding for hours with the in-laws, the “most wonderful time of the year” has serious potential to turn family fun into family feud.

Last Thanksgiving, AAA predicted 46.3 million Americans traveled more than 50 miles from home – the greatest distance in nearly a decade. Now, with drivers enjoying the lowest gas prices in five years, AAA estimates 90 percent of Americans will celebrate the holidays this year with a road trip. But fear not – avoiding common road frustrations is often as simple as minding your manners, even before you arrive at Grandmother’s house for dinner.

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September 04, 2015

AskPatty Advises: Please Drive Safely this Labor Day Weekend!

Labor_day_driving_safety_wear_seatbelt-iStock_000063781533_MediumAs summer comes to a close and families celebrate with their last road trips of the season, AskPatty reminds our readers to drive safely and remember to buckle up!

With all the travel scheduled over the upcoming Labor Day holiday period, the National Safety Council estimates 395 people will be killed and another 47,800 will be seriously injured in car crashes between 6 p.m. Friday, September 4, and Monday, September 7, at 11:59 p.m.

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September 02, 2015

AskPatty and Nexen Tire USA Share Our Summer Road Trip Stories

There’s nothing like taking the family out on a summer road trip! With the end of the summer upon us and back-to-school already here for those of us with kids, AskPatty wanted to share a few of our team's summer road trip travel stories.

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August 11, 2015

Keep your Cool: How to Prevent a Summer Breakdown

Dont_overheat_summer_roadtrips-iStock_000029328938-by-DirimaThe dog days of summer are here! As families try to make one last road trip before it's time to head back to school, we're sharing a few tips to make sure those adventures go off without a hitch... Unless, of course, you've got a trailer hooked to one!


#1) Start with a Tuneup:

If you're taking an extended road trip, make sure your car is in tip-top shape. If it's almost time for a scheduled maintenance or oil change, make a visit to your trusted mechanic and get it done before your vacay to reduce the chance of breakdowns along the way.

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August 04, 2015

Q&A Night in Milan with Mazda Design

1_Milan_with_Mazda_design_fwBy Holly Reich

I was invited to Italy by Mazda to attend Milan Design Week. The show covers a wide range of design events around the city of Milan, including furniture and industrial product exhibits, performances, and lectures. 

Mazda's exhibit, "The Car as Art" was also in central Milan, as part of Design Week 2015. Mazda designers hold to the tenet that the car is a work of art, and they strive to create cars that move people emotionally. Design Week is a fabulous way for automotive companies to show off their attributes.

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July 31, 2015

Coastal California Travel Adventure in a Mitsubishi Mirage


When given the opportunity to take a fuel-efficient Mitsubishi Mirage on a road trip, my goal was to see how far I could take the little car and how little gas it would use during the trip. The road trip wasn’t intended to be a hypermiler’s high-mileage challenge, but a real-world driving experience: I wanted to see how the car performed on a variety of roads to give it a fair and reasonable evaluation, but I also wanted to have some fun myself.

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July 29, 2015

Taking the 2015 Lexus NX 300h on a Texas Road Trip

Scenic Lake TravisBy Jo Ann Holt

I recently drove from Dallas to beautiful Lake Travis, west of Austin, for a return visit to some of my favorite people and scenery.  Spring rains in Texas brought the lake back up to where it should be, and it’s great to see sail boats, motor boats, and personal watercrafters out enjoying the bright, sunny weather.  

Like most Texas “lakes,” Travis is a man-made reservoir. It stretches 65 miles, and was formed in 1942 with the construction of Mansfield Dam on the Colorado River.  The only natural lake in Texas is Caddo Lake in East Texas, but that’s another story for another road trip.

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July 07, 2015

Five Tips for Summer Road Trips

Summer_road_Trip_tips-kids_in_cariStock_000047058454_SmallDon’t you just love the summer! It’s honestly one of my top four seasons to travel in! Summer vacations always brought great memories for me as a kid and now with having four kids of my own, making new memories is always happening.

To help make positive memories, traveling safely to your summer destinations should be every driver’s priority. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few summer travel tips.

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July 03, 2015

Tire Safety for Family Summer Road Trips

Family_road_tripSummer is here, which means that families across the country are starting to make plans for their summer road trip adventures. If you'll be taking an extended road trip in the next few months, we've got some safety tips to make sure your tires are ready to roll.


The first thing to do as part of your summer road trip planning is to check tread depth and tire pressure before you hit the road.

Tire Tread: Tires should be replaced when they’re worn down to 2/32-inch of tread. Tire traction is the key to good accelerating, turning, and stopping under any conditions, but especially on wet surfaces.  Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you won’t find rain along the way.

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July 01, 2015

Three Fun Summer Driving Destinations in Southern California and What to Drive

Woman_driving_road_trip-iStock_000039319394_SmallSouthern California is full of some of the best driving roads around. Whether you enjoy a spirited run in the canyons or a comfortable drive on the freeway, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in So. Cal. for car enthusiasts.

These are some of the best destinations for quick road trips in Southern California. Schedule your travel times to avoid rush-hour traffic, and you can get to any of these places within just a few hours (depending on your starting point), making them perfect for day or weekend getaways!

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