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April 21, 2011

Do you have a top dog? You could win from Bark Buckle UP!

Bark-buckle-up Our good friend Christina Selter the Pet Safety Lady is going to the New York International Auto Show, and she wants to take all your pets with her - in photo form, at least.

Bark Buckle UP is hosting an online "Top Dog" photo contest at the 2011 New York Auto Show.  Does your dog love to travel?  Upload a picture of your pet and your car for a chance to win great prizes from Sherpa Pet Group.  Judges from New York Auto Show, Bark Buckle UP's founder Christina Selter, Rescue Ink, car experts from Auto Trader and the entertaining host Brian Balthazar will select the three finalists -  and the TOP DOG.  But hurry and enter this weekend - you have from Friday 4/22 through Sunday 4/24 to submit your photos.  Head past the jump to find out how.

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April 07, 2011

Bark Buckle UP Reviews: 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE

Dograngerover Our dear friend Christina Selter the Pet Safety Lady presents a new pet-friendly review, this time of the 2011 Range Rover Sport. If you travel with furry friends, you'd do well to check out her review and watch the videos after the jump, and watch this blog for many more pet safety reviews still to come.

Range Rover Sport's highly rigid body, with its low center of gravity and energy-absorbing crumple zones, offers impressive levels of safety and occupant protection. Dynamic Stability Control monitors wheel speed and steering angle to help make cornering safer and more stable. Roll Stability Control operates progressively to help maintain stability. And of course ABS, in the form of four channel, all-terrain anti-lock braking, is fitted. While for added peace of mind there is a total of six airbags, including side curtains. Range Rover Sport also features Land Rover's legendary command driving position, which offers a clear view of the surrounding environment and helps to put the driver in complete control.

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March 16, 2011

BarkBuckleUP Reviews the 2011 Jeep Patriot 4x4

Patriot The 2011 Jeep Patriot 4x4 has been reviewed by pet travel safety experts (and partner & contributor) Bark Buckle UP and put to the test with Betty & Princess (dogs) on city streets, highways and dirt roads.  In their two part video review, they note some minor styling changes for the front and rear, increased ground clearance, and an steering & suspension to help improve the handling.  As for the "pet area," you can double the cargo space by folding the 60/40 rears seats flat - then you can fit more crates or carries, larger pets and even dogs in travel harness that tether to the cargo area's seven d-rings.  Head past the jump for the videos.

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December 10, 2010

Be Smart Ride Safe®, Buckle UP the Whole Family During Holiday Road Trips





 Join the movement today, Be Smart Ride Safe® Take the Pledge

Help spread the word to your family, friends, and community or even where you work, lets save lives.


The Facts Are In: When driving 35 mph, a 60-pound unrestrained dog can cause an impact of 2,700 pounds, slamming into a car seat, windshield, or passenger. Even if the animal survives, it can impede the progress of rescue workers who need every moment possible to safely care for accident victims.

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September 24, 2010

2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT - The High End of the Midrange

2010 outlander exterior 2 The 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander GT isn't for everyone. This top-of-the-model-line CUV takes premium gas and retails for $29,500 - before destination charge. But if you're looking for a vehicle that can handle inclement weather securely, tows 3,500 lbs., and can schlep your giant schnauzer (or seven people in a pinch), this may be the one for you.

Sporting a  3.0-liter, SOHC MIVEC V6, the GT pumps 230hp and 215 lb.-ft of torque @3750. It gets up to speed quickly, though I couldn't help feeling I was pulling a lot of weight, as the not-so-cute-ute weighs almost two tons with only the driver in it.

Outlander road selector Fortunately, if you like to push your grocery hauler to its limits, the Outlander GT is the one trim with Super All-Wheel Control and three terrain choices: Tarmac, Snow and Lock (low range). Based on an electronically-controlled active front differential, the S-AWC boosts handling and performance, and it's also a great safety benefit, keeping you planted on the road in various conditions. Read: Take me to the mountains, pronto!

So how's this baby beast on gas? The Outlander's 6-speed Sportronic® automatic transmission features Idle Neutral Logic, a fancy way of saying the transmission goes into neutral when the car comes to a complete stop. That saves gas, helping the GT earn an EPA estimate of 18 city/24 highway/20 combined. Nothing to write home about, but considering this vehicle's abilities, it's an understandable trade-off.

Then there are the GT's goodies. It's loaded with standard features:
- auto on- and off- Xenon HID headlamps
- flap-folding tailgate
- 18-inch alloy wheels
- power sunroof
- tire pressure monitoring system
- leather wrapped steering wheel with cruise and audio controls
- magnesium paddle shifters - for fun and control
- FUSE Hands-Free Link System - Stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth, download your cell phone book, control everything with your voice. If it sounds like Ford's Sync, you're on the right track.
- 710-watt Rockford-Fosgate audio system with nine speakers
- 60/40 split/folding/tumbling/reclining/sliding 2nd row seats. Whew!
- fold-flat 3rd row seat - barely usable, but good for those last minute "Can Johnny come over today?" pleas at the end of the school day. Most of the time, you'll have it folded down. With all seats down, cargo volume is 72.6 cubic feet.

Outlander dash My demo model in Cosmic Blue came with the only factory option available on the GT - a $3,000 navigation and leather package that includes power driver seat, heated front seats, 40GB HDD nav with music server and real-time traffic, a rear-view camera, and auxiliary video input jack. That's a lot of technology, and there are plenty more dealer-installed options available, like a rear seat DVD entertainment system ($1,695) and remote start ($599).

2010 outlander exterior For the animal lovers, Mitsu is touting the Outlander's usefulness as an large-size pet carrier; it received a few mentions in the automotive press for being dog friendly and dog safe last year. No doubt this emphasis on four-footed felicity is now a trend, what with the Honda Element Canine Edition getting so much press as well.

At least Mitsu is putting its money where its muzzle is, offering up a GT as the official wheels of TEAM PAWS Chicago, which raises money to rescue homeless pets. That's always good for a couple of points with the AskPatty staff.

Joanne Helperin Consumer Marketing Director, Blog Editor
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August 13, 2010

Tips for a Fun Road Trip to the Beach with Fido

Nick_Hat_Beach A road trip to the beach can be some of the best times for you and your dog. The fresh salt air, the surf and wiggling your toes in the sand are part of what you both love most about a trip to your favorite dog-friendly beach. My Jack Russell Terrier Zoe just loves the off-leash beach park we visit often in the summer.  I so enjoy watching her frolicking and playing with other well behaved dogs and chasing away those pesky seagulls from our picnic area.  Look into planning a day at a dog-friendly beach in your area this summer.

Here are a few tips helpful tips to make it fun and safe for you and Fido:

Dog Road Trip Safety:

Don’t let your dog to ride in the front seat on your beach road trip, no matter how much your dog enjoys it. Dogs riding in the front seat can be thrown into the windshield if you have to make a sudden stop. If your dog is like mine they want to ride in the car on your lap, this will interfere with driving or they can fall down by the gas and brake pedals, causing an accident. Airbags can also pose a hazard to dogs if they deploy while they are in the front seats. Keep dogs in the back seats hooked to a Bark-Buckle Up harness or in a crate to keep them and your family secure and safe. 

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June 01, 2010

Safe Auto Travel With Your Pet

Dreamstime_8851100 How often have you heard (or even said yourself) that your pet is part of the family?  Strange, then, that very few people take the same care to protect their pets during a car journey  as they do for their children.  You buy the very best quality child seats, the strongest safety belts on the market.  You make sure that the children have sufficient food and drink for the journey, and that they are neither too hot nor too cold.  Then you load in the luggage and supplies.  Last of all, just before you start the engine and set off, you squeeze the dog into whatever space is left and shut the tailgate quickly before everything falls out.

It is much better for the animal's welfare  to consider it in your journey planning routine.  Ask yourself: if you should have an accident, how is the animal protected?  If the animal is in the back, occupying the space between the rear seats and the tailgate, and another vehicle drives into the rear of you, there is a high probability that the rear window will smash, and that the animal will be catapulted at speed out back, probably bouncing off the vehicle behind before going under its wheels to a painful and frightening death.  If the animal is on a seat, unrestrained, then any sort of collision is likely to cause it to fly around the inside of the vehicle, probably injuring itself severely as it collides with headrests, the dashboard, or the occupants - or smashes itself through the windshield.  

There are cases on record where an unrestrained dog has been thrown from the rear seat into the back of the driver's head, killing both.  There are also innumerable accounts of animals having been thrown clear of vehicles during collisions, and have then run off never to be seen again, or have run into the road and caused further accidents - or worse, have been run over and killed by other traffic.  All these general comments refer to all sorts of animals; not just dogs.  So think it through before you put your pet in the car, and show the care and consideration that you have but have never thought about before.

Dreamstime_3668827 The golden rule is to restrain the animal safely.  Tying its neck leash to the door pillar or headrest won't work (you will just end up strangling the poor thing) so check out the many properly designed pet restraints and get one fitted properly to your car.  Alternatively, restrain your furry friend by putting him/her in a pet carrier which has been firmly fixed to the body of the car.  Make sure that the carrier is the right size.  It should be big enough for the animal to be able to stand, turn, and lay, but not so big that the animal slides around inside it when you drive around corners.

Also make sure that you regularly stop and offer your pet some water (and food on longer journeys).  If you need to get out for a break and to stretch your legs, so does your pet - so don't leave him shut-up inside to wilt (or even suffocate); take him with you. If in doubt, consider visiting a pet forum for advice. There are many websites that offer experienced advice, and will provide free answers to your pet questions.

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April 08, 2010

Bark Buckle UP Names Ford Edge Pet Safe Vehicle of the Year

2010_NYAS_Ford_Edge_Bark_Buckle_up_Award Bark Buckle UP, the recognized leader and experts for pet travel safety,  awarded the Pet Safe Choice Vehicle Awards "TOP DOG" to the Ford Edge at the 2010 New York International Auto Show.

Bark Buckle UP's founder Pet Safety Lady Christina Selter and her furry friends also awarded the "TOP DOG" Pet Safe Hotel of choice to Sheraton Hotels, Retailer of choice award to Bass Pro, and Airline of choice awards to Southwest airlines. During the presentation, Greg Kleva, host of Martha Stewart radio show "It's a Dog's Life," the Pet Safety Lady, and furry friends wearing the Doggie Seat Belt hopped in and out of cars and stole the show with their animal antics and demonstrations of dog and car travel safety.

Registered vehicles were evaluated on a variety of pet-related aspects, including how easily the vehicle accommodates animals and kennels of various sizes, ease of access to pet from within the vehicle, ease of pet entry and exit, ventilation for animals in the rear, as well as whether the vehicle has pet-friendly surfaces, and adaptability for third party pet travel or safety gear. Ford received four out of the top ten honors for 2010 Pet Safe Vehicles of Choice List, including the Ford Transit Connect, Edge, Flex, and the Lincoln MKT.

2010_NYAS_Ford_Edge_Bark_Buckle_up_Dogs "With more than 340,000 vehicles sold since it was originally launched in late 2006, the Ford Edge has been meeting the needs of customers who demand style, technology, performance and capability in a compelling package," said Brett Burin, Ford Edge Marketing Manager. "We look ahead with excitement this summer to the arrival of the new 2011 Edge, which adds even more revolutionary technology and class-leading performance. And with a suite of safety features, flexible seating and nearly 70 cubic feet of cargo space, the Ford Edge is perfect for those traveling with pets."

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February 17, 2010

Pet-Friendly Subaru Joins Forces with ASPCA

0090521-AMC-animalplanet_dogincar Here at, we like to think of ourselves as extremely pet friendly. Our contributing editor Breanne loves to share stories about her Corgis,  we recently paired with Christina Selter of BarkBuckleUP at the Chicago Auto Show to announce the 2010 Top Ten Pet Safe Vehicles, and our good friend Yvonne DeVita of Lipsticking is currently planning BlogPaws 2010,  the first ever pet blogger conference, which will take place in Columbus, Ohio, on April 9 & 10, 2010.

Well, Subaru believes there is a natural connection between pet parents and people who drive Subaru vehicles. In fact, almost half of Subaru owners have a dog, and 7 out of 10 Subaru owners have some kind of pet. Subaru-dogs-s(In case you didn’t know, AskPatty President Jody DeVere drives a Subaru and owns three dogs!) Inspired by its customers, Subaru has built a strong partnership with the American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to help bring pets and people together.

For the past two years, Subaru has partnered with the ASPCA as part of the “Share the Love” event, resulting in a $1.2 million donation in the first year alone. This past holiday season, the ASPCA helped connect Subaru dealerships with local animal welfare agencies around the country to promote Share the Love with fun-filled events and activities. Subaru’s matchmaking resulted in more than 350 adoptions and raised $28,000 for local agencies!

Subaru-dogs Subaru is once again celebrating its special connection with the ASPCA and dog and pet lovers everywhere, in a video campaign featuring two adopted pooches, Olive and Zelda, behind the wheel of a Subaru Forester. See all of their "Dog Tested. Dog Approved" adventures (like parallel parking, shopping for kibble, and picking up sassy poodles!) at

On top of these programs, Subaru offers discounts off the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (depending on model and accessories) on certain vehicles to eligible Guardian Members of the ASPCA. As part of the Subaru VIP Partners Program, eligible Guardian members can save between $1,300 - $3,300 on the purchase or lease of any new Subaru from participating dealers, without haggling! All Subaru model lines (Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca) are included in this VIP Program offer, subject to availability and dealer discretion. Learn more about this program at

6a00d8341c4f3653ef01287797fad8970c-800wi Do you have an inspiring pet adoption story? The ASPCA invites you to share your story with them on their Facebook page! We here at think it would be even better if you could share a great story that also includes your pet and your car!

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February 12, 2010

Bark Buckle Up Sends 2010 Chicago Auto Show Goes to the Dogs

Ap_Bark_buckle_up_dog_in_travel_pod_Chicago Attendees to the Chicago Auto Show were treated to a woof-errific time when Bark Buckle UP -- the recognized leader and experts for pet travel safety -- awarded the Pet Safe Choice Awards at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show.

This year, Bark Buckle UP founder Pet Safety Lady Christina Selter and Brandy Schaffels of awarded Pet Safe Choice Awards to the Top Ten Vehicles, Hotel, Retailer, and Airline. During the presentation, Sheriff Patrick Perez with Marshall the Bomb Sniffing Dog and two dozen other furry friends hopped in and out of cars and stole the show with their animal antics and demonstrations of dog and car travel safety. Marshall entertained attendees with a glorious bark that told everybody he was on the job!

The TOP pet safe Retailer, Hotel, and Airline awards were presented to BassPro Shops, Sheraton Hotels, and Southwest Airlines.

Oxygen-dog National safety statistics definitely show the number of pets traveling in vehicles  is now at an all-time high. As most animals travel unrestrained, the corresponding risk to vehicle occupants, pets, and first responders called to an accident site is of growing concern. For first responders called to render aid, the challenge of securing a frightened or injured animal before treating victims can be of equal concern. It only takes a few minutes to safeguard your pet's safety by buckling them up. Accidents do happen, and you owe it to your beloved pet to protect it against possible injury.

Bark-pet-oxygen-masks"Most people don't think about it, but in only a 35-mph accident with a 60-pound pet it becomes a 2,700-pound projectile. This will injure the pet, passengers, driver or the pet may escape the vehicle and cause a second accident or become agitated and bite the first responder that is on scene doing their job," stated Selter.

 Attendees at the awards announcement observed demonstrations of how to use pet safety harnesses, and everybody received a set of pet oxygen masks to donate to their local fire department; more than 200 oxygen masks were distributed at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show!

2010 Top Ten Pet Safe Vehicles
(click the links to see evaluation videos for each vehicle)
* Chrysler Town and Country
* Dodge Journey
* Ford Edge
* Ford Flex
* Ford Transit Connect
* Kia Soul
* Honda Element
* Smart Car
* Subaru Outback
* Volvo XC60


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