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December 08, 2014

Buy a Car at Your Kitchen Table with “Shop-Click-Drive”

General_motors-shop_click_drive-logoImagine selecting your car online, and taking delivery of the vehicle in your own driveway, while completing the paperwork at your kitchen table that weekend. Could buying a new car get any easier than this?

The option is now available nationwide thanks to General Motors’s “Shop-Click-Drive,” an online service that allows buyers to choose a specific vehicle, get estimated pricing, review available incentives, learn about financing and insurance products, get information about their trade-in, and apply for financing, all online. General Motors reports that consumers have purchased or leased more than 13,000 new vehicles in the last year using the “Shop-Click-Drive” service, which combines the convenience of the Internet with personal customer service, and is now offered by 1,665 U.S. dealers in all 50 states.

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December 05, 2014

Seven Tips To Put You in the Best Holiday Parking Spot

Photo credit: Alexey Losevich/

The weeks between Black Friday and January can present some of the year's greatest parking challenges, turning holiday cheer into stress and frustration as rushed shoppers battle like warriors for a finite number of parking spaces.  

The International Parking Institute, the world's largest association of parking professionals and the parking industry, is sharing seven suggestions to help with your harried holiday parking problems. These simple strategies will help you preserve your sanity and show goodwill this season!

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December 03, 2014

5 Tips To Follow If You’re Involved In An Accident

Airbag_accident_broken_windshield-thinkstock-116809150-sIt’s holiday shopping and travel season, and with more people out and about on the road, chances for a car accident can increase. Getting involved in an accident on the road can leave the driver confused and unsure of what to do, so it’s good to know ahead of time what to do in case of any road accidents. Here are a few reminders:

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December 02, 2014

Mazda Joins #HungerGames Hype

Mazda_hunger_games-PromoMazda is joining the hype surrounding the recent launch of this season’s most highly anticipated film, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1” with two movie-related promotions. One is an unusual advertisement that appears to be “hacked” by District 13 supporters, and the second is a charitable opportunity for consumers to feed the hungry by designing a hovercraft for #District13.

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December 01, 2014

AskPatty’s Expert Woman Amy Mattinat Honored as one of Vermont’s Professional Women of the Year

Amy_Mattinat-AutoCraftsmen-smilingThe National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) has honored AskPatty’s Expert Woman Amy Mattinat as a 2014 Professional Woman of the Year, a prestigious distinction that recognizes her for leadership in the automotive industry. 

“I love cars and am proud to be part of the automotive industry. I am passionate about educating the public, especially women, about car care so they can make informed decisions about their cars and not get taken advantage of,” says Ms. Mattinat, President of Auto Craftsmen.

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November 27, 2014

Warm Thanksgiving Wishes from AskPatty


Thanksgiving is a time to share and spread happiness with those near and dear to us. We hope this day is a reminder of all the wonderful things in your life, today and always.

At this time of Thanksgiving, we would like to take a moment to express our deep gratitude for our freedoms, families, and friends, the influence of which touches every aspect of our lives.

The entire AskPatty family wishes you and yours a happy Thanksgiving, and reminds you to buckle up and drive safely during your travels on this holiday.

November 25, 2014

Tips for Winterizing your Car

Snow_winter_weather-thinkstock-183439602Some might still be wearing shorts and flip flops in sunny Los Angeles, but as snow begins to fall across the Northern United States, it’s time for others to prepare for colder temperatures.

Taking preventative measures now is the best defense against cold-weather worries later.

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November 19, 2014

Banner Booster Year: Better Child Seats

Iihs_booster-test-dummyBooster seats for children who have outgrown their forward-facing car seats continue to improve, according to the most recent safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

These ratings are meant to help parents decide which ones to buy. It can be a difficult task, since there are no federal standards to address how well booster seats are designed so that seatbelts, which are made for adults, fit properly on children who are too big for child safety seats.

Booster seats are meant to fill the gap between the time a child is too big for a forward-facing child safety seat with its internal harnesses, yet is too small for a vehicle's seat belts to fit correctly. Adult seat belts will not fit some children properly until about the age of 12. Booster seats raise toddlers and older children to help correctly position a vehicle's lap and shoulder belts, so that children are properly restrained in a crash.

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November 17, 2014

Deja Fuel Multi-Gas Tech from the 80s Makes a Comeback in Chevy Impala

2015_Chevrolet_Impala-Bi-Fuel-001-frontviewBy Derek Handova

Those of us who were children of the 1980s and had a Midwestern experience at some point might remember multi-fuel-capable GM trucks. The one summer that I spent working a seasonal job in Colorado, there was another employee from Nebraska who had a Chevy pickup modified to run on gasoline and propane. The details of how the air-fuel mix was adjusted for switchover escape me, but the concept was to save money at the pump and extend overall range. In the Eighties, it was a long way between service stations in western Nebraska.

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November 14, 2014

AskPatty Certified Female Friendly Carnival for November 2014

AskPatty_CFF_carnival-thanksgiving-thinkstock-134435609November has lots of stuff going on! It's the month we raise awareness of Child Safety Protection and Drowsy Driving Prevention, and attend SEMA and AAPEX in Las Vegas early in the month, and the Connected Car Expo and Los Angeles Auto Show later in the month. It's a good time to enjoy football tailgating and prepare our cars for Winter before it gets too cold.

Let's not forget "Go for a Ride" day on November 22, and Thanksgiving on the 27th. "Movember" also brings facial hair beneath the noses of the men we know and love as they commit to growing and supporting moustaches to raise funds and awareness for men's health. We'll also be ushering in the holiday season and gift guides at month's end.

Please join us as we give support to these important movements during November. 


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