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May 16, 2012

How the World Views Teen Drivers

A driver’s license is a big moment in a teen’s life. But it can be a tumultuous time for teen drivers too: lobbying parents for the keys to the family car, managing the distractions that come from sometimes-boisterous passengers and trying to earn respect from every other driver on the road. It certainly takes time and practice to learn how to be a good driver – and teens sometimes suffer from bad stereotypes. Here’s a fun take on how the world views them.


Audia_net_Pamela__0042_WebSizePamela Reyhan is the manager of digital content strategy at Allstate Insurance Company.  She loves all thingsdigital, is the mother of twin girls and is a former Diet Coke addict.

April 04, 2012

How to Prevent Pothole Damage (and What to Do if You Can't Avoid One)

PotholeYou likely don’t think about potholes until you rumble over one and your coffee spills and scorches your thighs. But hold onto your latte because the advent of spring temperatures means pothole season has arrived. Here are some preventative measures you can take to avoid what ultimately can be major damage to your car:

Keep tires properly inflated: The force of a pothole collision can cause structural damage to overinflated tires and cause underinflated tires to blow out. Keep proper tire pressure and note that low-profile tires (those with less rubber between the rim and road) offer less resistance to a blow from a pothole.

Avoid puddles: Suppress your inner child and avoid driving through puddles if you can. Those still waters could be hiding a pothole that runs deep.

Give yourself room: It’s always good practice to leave room between your vehicle and the car in front of you, but doing so during pothole season gives you more time to spot and react safely.

Slow down, and roll: If you see a pothole but don’t have time or clearance to avoid it, then reduce your speed and roll right through it. Braking on top of the pothole transfers vehicle weight to the front and can actually increase damage.

Hold firm: When rolling through the pothole, hold firm to the wheel and steer in a straight line to avoid losing control of your vehicle.

Check your vehicle: You’ve made impact. Are you feeling any vehicular vibrations? Is your steering off kilter? These and other symptoms are signs that you should have your car checked.

Rat them out: Most municipalities invite the public to report potholes, but a Montreal ad agency makes it easier than ever. Its free iPhone app, Pothole Season, uses Google Maps so users can tag a pothole in any city in the world; the app then emails local officials requesting a repair.

There may not be much you can do to prevent a pothole, but there’s plenty you can do to protect yourself and your car driving through the hazards cropping up—sometimes overnight—on spring roads.

Audia_net_Pamela__0042_WebSizePamela Reyhan is the manager of digital content strategy at Allstate Insurance Company.  She loves all thingsdigital, is the mother of twin girls and is a former Diet Coke addict.

February 09, 2012

Seven DIY Car Care Tips to Cut Your Maintenance Costs

Woman DIY CareStill trying to pare down your household budget? Here’s an option you might not have considered—doing more of the regular maintenance on your car.

The idea can be a little intimidating—even scary—for some. The website,, reports that one-third of women have some sort of “car-phobia” when it comes to servicing their cars.

You’ve learned DIY for your home, so why not for your vehicle? We’re not talking about a brake relining, but simple things that not only can cut your service expenses but also extend the life of your car, save on gas and keep you and your family safer on the road. Here are seven tips to get you started:

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January 06, 2012

10 Simple Recipes for Safe Winter Driving

Winter Woman Car CareMaking sure you and your family are safe on the road this winter is of course a high priority, but who has the time to think about this, let alone do what needs to be done? 

Don’t fret. Taking action doesn’t have to be all that complicated or time-consuming. Do you ever use those so-called “30-Minute Meal” recipes? Here’s the winter driving tips version: 10 simple and easy-to-follow precautions you can take to be better prepared—come snow, rain or shine.

Remember Your Sunglasses

The glare of the sun reflecting off snow or ice can be more blinding.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

Did you know that, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, each 10-degree drop in temperature will cause your tires to lose one pound of pressure? Check yours regularly, especially when arctic blasts arrive. 

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December 05, 2011

Eight Tips for Worry-Free Holiday Travel

Holiday drivingEvery mom knows that “prep time” isn’t just for meals. You juggle schedules and parental responsibilities for your kids’ time at school, music or dance lessons, team practices and other activities. And unless you’re a famous Hollywood actress, you’re probably not lucky enough to have a personal assistant (though you could use one!).

So with the holidays just around the corner, you’ll be on double-duty; maybe even triple-duty if you’re planning a road trip. What should you put on your to-do list for your upcoming trip? Here are some tips to help you before and during your holiday travels.

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November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Holiday Tragedy REMINDER: Buckle Up and Say No to Buzzed Driving !!!

Remember me and my story this Holiday Season. Buckle Up and Say No to Buzzed Driving !!!

We left for home Thanksgiving day in the twilight, filled with Grandma Cleo’s cooking, lots of hugs and our heads filled with family stories shared in laughter.

The drive on Palmdale Highway 138, a two land undivided road, was lined with cars coming and going like bumper cars. I always hated this part of the drive and kept checking my speed to stay at 55 MPH, which was not my normal routine driving practice.

After about ten minutes,  feeling overly cautious, I looked over at my son in the front passenger seat and noticed his seatbelt was not fastened and sharply told him to “Put on your seatbelt, NOW!”, and glanced over my shoulder to make sure my other son was buckled up!”

Thirty seconds later a small car driven by a drunken women with five children, only one two year old in a restraint system, swerved from the oncoming traffic right in front of me. There was no way to avoid the accident. I slammed on my brakes to attempt to stop in time. Her oncoming speed and my oncoming speed were equal to at least 110 miles an hour. Not enough time to stop.

That moment of impact will be imbedded in my soul forever. Three of the five children were killed instantly. The woman driver killed her only daughter and two of her sister’s children. The driver (She) survived along with the two year old in the car seat and one other young boy cousin.

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November 01, 2011

Make Driving in Inclement Weather Safer and Less Frightful

Inclement weather imageA frosty chill in the morning air. Dark clouds on the horizon. A tingly feeling in your bones. Whatever the signal, you don’t have to be a weatherman to know that before some snarky storms soon will be heading your way.

When the weather outside turns frightful, driving is anything but delightful. Rain, snow, sleet and fog all affect road conditions, visibility and the performance of drivers and their vehicles. Luckily, there are some time-tested tactics you can take to keep yourself safe behind the wheel during inclement weather.

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October 05, 2011

Does a Red Car Mean Higher Premiums? Debunking Top Five Auto Insurance Myths

Insurance myths Did you hear about alligators living in the sewers of New York City? How about the dangers of consuming soda and Pop Rocks? Of course, you know these ridiculous urban legends are completely untrue.

But consider this: If those alligators were tooling around town in a brand new red convertible, would they be paying higher premiums for their auto insurance? No, but many people may think otherwise.

You’re not alone if you thought that was true, as many people have preconceived notions about auto insurance that don’t match up with the facts. While these “myths” don’t stir up primal fears, they can prevent you from making smart buying decisions—or even from getting the discounts you deserve. So let’s debunk the top five now:

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August 24, 2011

As summer winds down, cars still suffer effects of heat exposure

1-SUMMER-HEAT While summer's record-setting temperatures may be starting to fade, many motorists are unaware that their cars may be experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion. From batteries to tires, heat takes a toll on vehicles.

Before you head out for your next road trip, AutoZone recommends performing a few proactive checks to help prevent a costly and unpleasant breakdown.

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August 04, 2011

Take Precautions for a Safe Summer Road Trip

Familyroadtrip Dreaming of the perfect summer getaway? You can see it now: Cruising on the open road, strolling on the beach or camping under the stars—but a trip to the ER or getting stranded at a service station? That’s definitely not part of the plan! Below are six pre-road safety tips to make sure nothing spoils your summer trip.

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