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July 27, 2016

#HeatStrokeKills: Raise Awareness of Child Deaths in Hot Cars with @AskPatty, @KidsAndCars, @NHTSA

Even-a-loving-parent_nomoheatstrokeFour children have died in hot cars across the nation in the last week, bringing the number of child vehicular heatstroke deaths in 2016 to 23. That's just two fewer than ALL of these types of fatalities in 2016, and an especially tragic number, considering these terrible deaths are 100% preventable.

All day on Sunday, July 31, 2016, AskPatty will be joining and NHTSA in a national day-long social media campaign to share messages with the hashtags #NoMoHeatStroke #heatstrokekills #checkforbaby to raise awareness of the dangers of heatstroke.

As of July 25, 23 children have died in 2016 as a result of vehicular heatstroke, and we're only halfway through the year. In 2015, 25 children died in hot cars, the lowest number in more than ten years; more than 30 died in 2014, and 44 died in 2013, according to Please watch our Twitter and Facebook feeds to share these messages yourself.

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Please Don't Go after #Pokemon While Driving!

Drive_now_catch_pokemon_laterPokemon Go, released July 6, has captivated fans around the world to become the highest-grossing iphone app ever, claiming more than 21 million active U.S. users within the first two weeks of its launch.

Even though the smartphone gaming app is being lauded for motivating kids and families to exercise by getting them out of the house on their hunts for the animated characters, it's also drawing a lot of attention for the number of moving violations that are happening because of people playing while driving their car.

Already in the last few weeks, a woman playing Pokemon Go in a parking lot north of Toronto was nearly hit by a driver -- who was also playing the game while behind the wheel.

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July 20, 2016

5 Great Apps to Improve Your Car IQ

5GreatAppstoImproveYourCarIQCar technology has come a long way.

Phone apps are stepping up their game, providing even more benefits for commuters. 

Whether you’re cruising in a new Maserati or your beloved beater, here are five apps that can help you drive smarter.

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July 13, 2016

GM Helps Prevent Death, Theft with Rear Seat Reminder

4__2017_gmc_acadia_reminder__dispalyIt's not safe to leave objects in the back seat of a car. However, often there are a million things on everyone's mind, and sometimes even the most organized car owners need a little help remembering stuff.

The 2017 GMC Acadia midsize sport utility vehicle is helping to address this issue with the Rear Seat Reminder, an industry-first feature designed to remind drivers to check the back seat when they exit their vehicle under certain circumstances.

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July 07, 2016

Parents, Beware of the Risk of Teen Drivers' Car Accidents during the Summer Months

IStock_35674044-Cathy_YeuletBased on recent research by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, car accidents involving teenage drivers are substantially increasing during the summer due to teen distracted driving. 

They call it "100 deadliest days" - the study found that on average 1,022 people died in accidents involving teenage drivers during the 100 days after Memorial Day.

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June 30, 2016

Be Prepared! Hottest Season for #VehicleThefts Begins July 4th

IStock_64000917-AndreyPopovSummer is hot, and not just because of the weather: It also happens to be the hottest season of the year for vehicle theft with July and August ranking as the highest months for theft, according to National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

Moreover, the national rate of vehicles stolen and not recovered is at its highest point in more than 20 years, with sophisticated thieves making a big business out of vehicle theft.

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Enjoy a Safe Independence Day: Don't Drink and Drive on the Fourth of July — or Any Day

Penny_headstone-20110704145919Drinking and Driving Kills

According to the Center for Disease Control, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes in 2014, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.

Of those, 64 percent involved a driver or motorcycle rider with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. If you can’t do math in your head, that’s 6,391 deaths directly attributable to so much celebrating as to be over the national legal limit. Nearly 6,400 too many.

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June 28, 2016

Can't See at Night? It's the Headlights, Not Your Eyes

1__dtr__headlight_testing__iihsMost drivers don't give a second thought to our headlights and just assume they are all pretty much alike. But if you find it difficult to see at night, then it could be you are taking the headlights for granted.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has conducted its first headlight test. The organization, funded by the insurance industry, called the results "dismal."

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June 24, 2016

How Safe Is Your Car's Passenger In A Crash?

IStock_6519891-KonovalikovAndreyAccording to a recent report by the Insurance Institute from Highway Safety, some vehicles with good driver-side protection may still leave passengers at risk.

Drivers of vehicles with good small overlap front ratings from the IIHS can expect to be protected well in a frontal crash involving the left corner of the vehicle. But how would the passengers sitting next to them fare in a right-side small overlap crash?

A new study shows that good crash protection doesn’t always extend across the front seat.

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May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Travel Tips from Michelin and AAA

Memorial_Day_Travel_tipsLow gas prices are fueling the busiest Memorial Day Weekend since 2005 and AAA is forecasting 38 million Americans will be traveling for the holiday weekend this year, with 34 million going by car. 

Of these, AAA expects to rescue nearly 350,000 motorists at the roadside this Memorial Day Weekend, with the primary reasons being flat tires and tire failure, dead batteries, and lockouts. And this is just the beginning of a busy summer season: AAA Projects that more than half of Americans will take a road trip this summer!

Ahead of the official start to the summer road trip season and National Tire Safety Week (May 29 – June 3, 2016), Michelin and AAA have expert safety tips to keep motorists safe on the road this Memorial Day weekend and all summer long.

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