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May 26, 2015

Cargazzmic Experience at Heels and Wheels 2015

1HeelsandWheels_2015What happens when you get a bunch of awesome women media, journalist, bloggers, PR Peeps, and carmakers together for a ride and drive? A Cargazzmic Experience!


The 4th annual #HeelsandWheels2015 event hosted at the Four Seasons Westlake Village, California this year was educational, entertaining, zany and OHHH what a driving experience. My driving partner Brandy Schaffels, Chief Editor here at, and I drove 13 cars (and 1 truck) totaling $667,430 and 4,293 horsepower per Mary Lowry of CarsandMe.


Big thanks to Buick's Kristin Rubi; Dodge's Kristin Starnes; GMC's Kelly Wysocki; Infiniti's Aileen Clarke; Jaguar & Land Rover's Halie Schmidt; Kia's Amy Corsinita; Lexus's Leigh Anne Sessions; Mazda's Carley Hummel; Mitsubishi's Laura Conrad; Nissan's Paige Presley; and Volkswagen's Jessica Anderson and Jeannine Ginivan for the opportunity to drive a little and dream a little!


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March 23, 2015

Which Vehicles Sell More When Gas Prices Drop?

IStock_000010355706_SmallWith average U.S. gas prices declining by as much as $1.50 per gallon since last September and still as much as $1 lower than last summer, there has been some speculation about how gas prices affect consumers’ car purchases. Capitalizing on this interest, and their broad depth of resources, analyzed three years of historical data to identify exactly how buying patterns changed, and found a few surprises along the way.

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December 08, 2014

Buy a Car at Your Kitchen Table with “Shop-Click-Drive”

General_motors-shop_click_drive-logoImagine selecting your car online, and taking delivery of the vehicle in your own driveway, while completing the paperwork at your kitchen table that weekend. Could buying a new car get any easier than this?

The option is now available nationwide thanks to General Motors’s “Shop-Click-Drive,” an online service that allows buyers to choose a specific vehicle, get estimated pricing, review available incentives, learn about financing and insurance products, get information about their trade-in, and apply for financing, all online. General Motors reports that consumers have purchased or leased more than 13,000 new vehicles in the last year using the “Shop-Click-Drive” service, which combines the convenience of the Internet with personal customer service, and is now offered by 1,665 U.S. dealers in all 50 states.

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October 29, 2014

How NOT to Sell Your Used Car: Examples of Photos that Kill Car Sales

Sunshine-upside_downSo, you want to sell your used car? Whether you’re posting your used car on Craigslist or through a more commercial used-car service, outlets to sell your used car online are easy to find.

But you can easily ruin your chances for success if you choose bad photos. It doesn't matter how great your car actually looks in real life, if you want to attract a buyer for your car, you need to ensure your photos don’t look like these.

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July 16, 2014

Car Shopping: When Is A “Deal” Too Good To Be True?

Used-car-dealer-thinkstock-76686162x1200So, you’re shopping for a used car: Whether you’re browsing prices online, or watching the advertisements in the newspaper, we know that vehicle cost is always an important part of your research.

New or used, many shoppers suspect that car dealers may publish prices that are insanely low as a way to get shoppers to come in and take a look at what’s on the lot. They’re called “loss leaders” and by the time consumers get to the dealership, the car has already been sold, or it’s an unappealing model that nobody really wants to buy anyhow. And then the dealer tries to upsell the shoppers into another car on the floor, or attempts to negotiate a sale of the inenxpensive car with expensive loan terms.

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November 01, 2013

The 2014 Buick Regal: Buick’s Mid-Sized Sedan Gets Makeover

2014_Buick_Regal-beauty-006By Sue Mead

Let’s start with a question: what comes to mind when you think of Buick? Young drivers? Spritely performance? The latest in automotive technology at your fingertips? Buick is all of these things today, but some car buyers think it’s an ‘older buyers’ brand and that Buick’s vehicles are stodgy, with soft-sprung suspensions. Think again, if this is you!

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September 10, 2013

Automotive Icon, Cal Worthington, Passes at 92

Cal-worthington-remembering-from-the-archivesCal Worthington, the quintessential car salesman best remembered for television commercials starring his “dog” Spot, has passed away at the age of 92. Worthington died Sunday after watching football with family at his ranch north of Sacramento.

While I can’t say that he did anything to encourage my career as an automotive journalist, I can say that Cal Worthington and his “dog” Spot were frequent guests in our livingroom, as his commercials ran frequently on local channels when I was growing up in Southern California in the 1970s and 1980s.  His “dog” Spot was never a dog; every commercial featured a different animal, from lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) to skunks, octopi, and pigs.

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August 28, 2013

2014 Toyota Tundra Review: A New American Pickup

2014-Toyota-Tundra-beauty-shot-1358Pickup trucks are more in vogue than ever! As the U.S. economy comes back and auto sales have soared once again, truck makers are seeing double-digit increases as pickups are being put to work in the housing market, on ranches and farms, and for couples and families that appreciate the multiple-use practicality of today’s trucks.

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August 05, 2013

This SpongeBob SquarePants-Inspired 2014 Toyota Highlander is perfect for “Happy Driving!”

2014_SpongeBob_Toyota_Highlander_exteriorInstead of staying in his usual pineapple under the sea, SpongeBob SquarePants will be touring the U.S. this summer in a one-of-a-kind concept vehicle as part of a “Happy Driving!” promotional tour, bringing SpongeBob’s special brand of fun to several locations across the country.

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July 26, 2013

Off-Road Adventure: Selling My Mom's 1982 Datsun 280ZX

280ZXMy 87-year-old Mom has owned her 1982 280ZX Datsun 2+2 hatchback for 31 years with only 105,000 original miles and kept it in almost perfect condition. When she decided to sell it recently, she was hardly driving it anymore because my parents mostly drive a Toyota Avalon. Parting with the one and only car she bought on her own that symbolized her independence was a tough decision! She said it was like parting with an old friend.

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