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June 06, 2016

Toyota Prius C is the New Vehicle of Choice for Geeks

Geekmobile_April_2016_1510D48AB8E0DC1B4327D187B74F5D0A21D2FAC8A new armada of agents is rolling out in Toyota Prius c. Their mission: to help people across America get the most from their technology.

After having fleets of Volkswagen Beetles and Mitsubishi i-Mievs, Best Buy’s Geek Squad is dispatching more than 1,000 of the Toyota vehicles – fully decked out as the new Geekmobile – nationwide.

Geek_squad_beetle-1194182222_9231-1Geek Squad has 20,000 agents who make 13,000 house calls a day adding up to more than five million house calls a year. Geek Squad Agents annually drive an estimated 12.6 million miles (or roughly 20.3 million kilometers, 100.8 million furlongs, or 4.2 million leagues): That’s a lot of road (and gas), making the hip hatch’s EPA estimated city fuel economy of 53 mpg particularly attractive. The Prius c’s SULEV (super ultra-low emissions vehicle) rating also is appealing given Best Buy’s commitment to reduce its own carbon emissions.

According to TheVerge, “the Toyota vehicles will help reduce Geek Squad's emissions by 50 percent -- as well as contribute to Best Buy's company-wide commitment to reduce pollutants 45 percent by 2020.”

Geek Squad rolled out in 2004 as the first national computer support task force. And while the Prius c’s 17-plus cubic feet of cargo space might not fit a mainframe, it’s a volume spacious enough to shuttle just about anything an agent might need – whether optimizing a home theater system or improving Wi-Fi performance or installing a security solution.


  Best-Buy-Geek-Squad-ROH Mitsubishi-i-miev-bestbuy-geek-squad-3

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