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June 20, 2014

Are You A Road Rager? Take This Quick Quiz To Find Out!

Ingenie-top-road-rage-triggersIngenie, a UK-based insurance company, recently launched their #RedMist  campaign to raise awareness of the issues surrounding road rage. The company surveyed a thousand 17-25 year olds in the UK to find out their experiences with road rage. What did they discover? The company learned that road rage is as serious a problem as ever, with 70% of young drivers admitting they'd been a victim of road rage in the past 12 months.

Nearly 86 percent of young drivers surveyed admitted to experiencing one or more forms of road rage, demonstrating such behaviors as cursing the other driver, honking the horn, or flashing lights at the offending driver. The survey results shows that more than 36 percent of road rage victims react with anger.

Ingenie-36-percent-react-with-rageWhat bugs you the most? You can take the #RedMist Road Rage quiz here at the Ingenie website.  While the top three most frustrating activities reported by respondants were failure to indicate, others using their mobile phones, and tailgating, the top-three actual road rage triggers were other driver behaviors, running late, and traffic congestion. These are things we all encounter on a regular basis, so learning how to deal with them without acting out is an important part of driving responsibly. Click here to read Ingenie's tips to avoid road rage.

Even though the research was gathered in the UK, the information is relevant for young drivers everywhere, so Ingenie created their #RedMist road rage campaign to remind young drivers -- and older ones too -- about the importance of staying calm behind the wheel.

As part of the campaign Ingenie has worked closely with Dr Lisa Dorn, an expert in driver behaviour at Cranfield University, to create a road rage quiz. It takes just 60 seconds to answer ten questions to find out what kind of road rager you are.

I took the survey and discovered I am a "tolerant" driver. What kind of driver are you? Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about road rage.



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