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May 13, 2014

Infographic: Does Buying a Hybrid Car Make Cents?

Does-buying-a-hybrid-make-sense According to Wikipedia, a total of 434,498 hybrid electric vehicles were sold during 2012. During 2013, hybrid sales totaled 495,685 units; up 14.1% from 2012 and representing a market share of 3.19% of new car sales.

Statistics show that consumers are purchasing more hybrid cars, and are branching out into purchasing plug-in electric models as well. Earth-aware drivers choose these eco-friendly models because they reduce fuel costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce our dependency on petroleum.

Do you know the difference between these types of vehicles?

• Hybrid vehicles combine the use both gasoline engines and electricity.
• Electric motors are very efficient, but may only have a 50-100 mile range before needing a recharge.
• Plug-in hybrids may have an even smaller electric range, but can be powered by a gas engine when the batteries run out of charge.

But the big question is: Do hybrid cars save you money, or cost more than a traditional vehicle in the long run?

We stumbled across an interesting infographic produced by in which they compare a 2012 Honda Civic sedan against its hybrid version.

Which one ends up making the most sense to buy?



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