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April 17, 2014

Simple Tips to Maintain the Resale Value of Your Car

Used-car-thinkstock-176672337x800Every automobile owner should have their vehicle's resale value in mind even before they attempt to sell it. Drivers can take several proactive steps to ensure that their vehicle maintains an acceptable resale value. Let's take a look at some ways to accomplish this without breaking the bank.

It is important you keep your car as clean as possible. A clean car will be much easier to sell than a car with dirt, rust, and stains. Wash your vehicle on a regular basis and don't forget to clean its undercarriage. Wax it several times a year to keep it shiny and prevent the paint from becoming damaged by debris. Condition your seats, dashboard, and door interiors to keep them fresh and moist.

Xpel-film-installation-2011-ford-fiesta_2419Consider adding a paint protection film to the outside of your vehicle.  This will help to protect the exterior from damage. Additions like window tint, fancy wheels, and sound systems might also add to your car's resale value by offering more to a prospective buyer. Remember, this is your vehicle only for the moment and someone else may be driving it in the future. That means it should have mass appeal instead of individualistic appeal.

One of the simplest ways to maintain your vehicle's resale value is to keep detailed notes of its maintenance, repairs, and accidents. This way, when you go to sell it, you can impress prospective buyers with a neat, clean list of all of the work performed on the vehicle. Be sure to write down the Choose-the-right-repair-shop-ASE-108date that the work was performed and take note of the mileage. Automotive expert, Eric Peters, explains the advantage of a well kept maintenance log: “Being able to document the service history of the vehicle can be a very strong selling point that will help you negotiate the best possible deal for yourself. Even if you trade-in your car, being able to show the vehicle was meticulously taken care of should help secure the best-possible trade-in value.”

Aside from boosting the vehicle's resale value, a maintenance log will serve as a handy reminder of your vehicle's maintenance and also function as a backup in case the dealership loses their records. Always save your maintenance and repair receipts to prove that the vehicle has been properly cared for. Choosing the right repair shop and visiting it regularly will help you keep your maintenance records organized.

Used-car-thinkstock-121260160x800You can make a big difference in your vehicle's health from behind the wheel. Driving your car in a non-aggressive manner and avoiding collisions will reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle and also keep you from having costly repairs. If you take turns at reasonable speeds, your tires will last much longer. They'll also retain a healthy amount of tread that will impress prospective buyers. Consider the reaction of these prospective buyers when you tell them that the vehicle has been involved in no accidents and has only had routine repairs. They'll be much more interested in the vehicle compared to others that have been involved in collisions. Always be honest about any accidents that your vehicle has endured. It is very easy to obtain a vehicle accident history report so it is always best to tell the truth.



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