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March 15, 2013

Go Green for St. Patrick's Day with an Eco Oil Change


About 1.3 billion gallons of oil are used for oil changes in the U.S. each year, but only about 10 to 15 percent of that oil is repurposed. You can make a difference and improve those figures by replacing your next oil change with a “green” Eco Ultra oil change.

What is Eco Ultra oil, and what makes it "green"?

Eco Ultra® Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is made from re-refined base stock and blended with premium performance additives. It is produced at  Universal Lubricants®,re-refinery in Wichita, Kansas, using a proprietary Closed Loop Process. Simply put, it is new high-quality engine oil created from recycled engine oil.

Eco_ultra_synthetic_blend_Motor_Oil_FLEXPAK-pour-shotUniversal Lubricants,collects used oil and then re-refines, blends, and re-distributes its own motor and engine oils in an infinitely repeatable, sustainable cycle. “Re-refining technology turns a previously nonrenewable resource into a renewable one. What can be greener than that?” saysJohn Wesley, CEO of Universal Lubricants. “Hypothetically, if every one of the 34.7 million Irish-Americans got an Eco Ultra oil change during the 30 days between St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day, they would save our country 69.4 million barrels of crude oil from being extracted or imported for motor oil production. If all 308 million Americans did the same, we could prevent 616 million barrels of crude oil from being extracted from the Earth. And the benefits of using products made from re-refined base oil multiply when used in large commercial vehicles.”

Wesley says that consumers and service professionals who take the Eco Ultra Oil Change Pledge can help the environment in three ways:

1.    Save energy: Re-refining used oil requires up to 89% less energy than refining from virgin crude.
2.    Reduce harmful emissions: Re-refining used oil releases up to 65% fewer harmful emissions than refining from virgin crude.
3.    Prevent ground water pollution: One gallon of improperly disposed motor oil can contaminate one million gallons of ground water. Putting used motor oil into a re-refining cycle eliminates the danger that comes from improper disposal.


By taking the 30-day Eco Ultra Oil Change Pledge, Americans can build awareness for products made from these “green” oils and help prevent improper disposal and damage to the environment,” Wesley said.

For more information about Eco Ultra please visit or call 1.800.444.OILS.

What's the proper oil change interval? Learn about the 3,000-mile Oil Change Myth here at




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