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February 01, 2013

Super Bowl Car Ad Trifecta: the Good, the Bad, the Terrifying

It's that time oCarscomf year again, the only time when non-sports-fans like myself will actually sit down to watch a football game - or rather, to watch the commercials that interrupt said football game.  Super Bowl Sunday is truly topsy-turvy day for me and many like me, and though I admit I had to Google who was actually playing in the Super Bowl (It's the Ravens and the 49ers, apparently), I have been keeping a close watch on the ads in development - particularly the car ads.  The BEST news is that the creepy guy with the second head will NOT be returning to haunt my nightmares this year.  Here's a roundup of what we can expect to see from and a few other auto makers, and look for a follow-up next week!   Head past the jump for the good stuff.

The Good - Kia Tackles the Birds and Bees

Kia is making a great turn-around this year from last year's disappointing bikini-clad dream sequence with a very clever ad that tells an epic tale of how babies come to us, and demonstrates just how useful the new Sorento can be when those inevitable questions arise.  Very clever, I laughed a lot.  Well done, Kia!  Check it out: 


The Terrifying (or maybe not) - - No More Second Head Guy. will be returning to the screen for the Super Bowl, but they're dumping the second head confidence singer, because it turned out to be the SCARIEST THING ANYONE HAD EVER SEEN.  Ahem.  This year's ad will apparently "bring the drama," according to this teaser featuring a rather surprised focus group:


The Bad - Really, Fiat?  Really?

Fiat has created five new ads which could show up in the 2013 Super Bowl. All five were previewed at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, and I'm sad to say they're par for the course for Fiat's latest forays into advertising.  The first shows an attractive female driver suiting up for a spin around a track in the new electric-powered 500e, only to end up lewdly making out with a shirtless male.  The second has two tuxedoed men in the front seat of a 500L trying to catch a glimpse of two young ladies changing into bridesmaid dresses in the back seat.  The others are similarly risque, but this one takes the cake. Catrinel Menghia returns to Fiat ads with a scorpion slowly inching its way up her bikini-covered back. As the car streaks by, the scorpion uses a claw to cleanly cut through her bikini top, leading to the tagline:  "Small, wicked... and now topless." 


Fiat, it's time to wake up.  The #1 Fiat dealer in the US, Fiat of Austin, is an Certified Female Friendly Dealer and markets their cars primarily to - guess who?  Women.

Check back in next week for an update on some of the other ads that stood out to me.  Have a favorite?  Let us know in the comments!



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