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October 29, 2012

Buick Brings me to “Lou-a-ville”

Kentucky Louisville SluggerFor my first ever car media launch experience, Buick and AskPatty invited me to Louisville, Kentucky to see the unveiling of the new and improved Buick Enclave and the brand new Buick Verano Turbo.

Let’s just say that if all launches are like this, I sure hope I get invited to many more. Everything about this event was organized and professional. From the travel arrangements to the accommodations to the presentations, it was all “First Class”. There were about 24 or so media members including me at this particular event. It was a two day event but really they get everything in in about a 24 hour time period. The hotel, the 21c Museum Hotel they chose was very artsy and modern. The lobby and main floor consisted of one art gallery after another. A really neat concept. The hotel was located in the heart of downtown Louisville just a block or two from the famous Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. (So of course I ran down there to fill my Louisville touristy obligations )

Kentucky HotelIn the evening before dinner, they gathered us in one of the art galleries where they had an Enclave for viewing and picture taking. The lead engineers took turns giving us a brief overview of the car and the improvements from the previous model. Then we proceeded downstairs to another gallery for our Bourbon Tasting. How fitting as we were in Kentucky. It was very interesting to hear the history of Bourbon and how it is made. It was a bit strong for my sipping style but interesting and fun nonetheless.

Next up, was dinner. A delicious meal, I chose the filet but the plates surrounding me with chicken and fish looked equally amazing. I sat with a great group of people. Some were other media members from all over the country and some were with Buick. It was neat to introduce ourselves and share our love of the automobile from our respective worlds.

Kentucky CarsIn the morning, after breakfast and a quick overview on the Verano, we set out on our drive, which consisted of four segments about 60 miles each to give everyone the opportunity to drive and ride in both Buick models on various types of roads. They set up a great ride with detailed trip books in every car, telling you where to turn at exact miles on your trip odometer. The ride was awesome! The race car driver in me thoroughly enjoyed the windy narrow back roads they chose for our route. We went up and around the Kentucky Hills by beautiful horse farms with giant white fences. The grass was still bright green from the summer but the leaves had already started to change and even fall onto the roads. It was picturesque.

Kentucky RoadsBeing a professional race car driver sets the bar high for me on the vehicle performance standards but the lady in me sets the bar high on luxury and ride standards as well. Both vehicles, were overall very impressive especially for the price! I would honestly recommend them to anyone. The Turbo Verano, if you are looking for an affordable little hot rod. It handles extremely well with great “pick up” and it comes with a heated steering wheel! And the Enclave is a great crossover SUV. It is roomy, comfortable and quite stylish if you ask me.


Erin Evernham


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