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August 06, 2012

To Infiniti and Beyond, a review of Infiniti's G37 IPL Coupe

Ask pattyInfiniti’s G37 IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) Coupe's 3.7-liter 24-valve V6 features 348 hp and is equipped with many enhancements to increase horsepower, performance and over-the-top capabilities.  The IPLs enhancements, “Intensify the feel of acceleration, delivering a more exhilarating driving experience,” per Infiniti specs. The vehicle’s advanced high-flow dual air intake allows the engine to breathe more freely while reducing air resistance and improving output.  The vehicle also features specially coated low-friction pistons to reduce resistance and side body vents to reduce drag.  The G37 IPL is also equipped with Infiniti’s Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL® ) intake technology to additionally boost performance and horsepower while improving emissions and fuel efficiency.


In short, the G37 IPL not only sounds like a highly-tuned, high-performance car, it emanates and performs like one.  The two huge dual chrome exhausts in the back of the ride truly add to the IPLs sporty, luxurious, and refined muscle car-like aura. With all of this technology it was exciting to get behind the wheel of this ‘tricked out pony’ and find out for myself what the G37 IPL Coupe could really do.

Upon starting and simply driving a few blocks I felt that the car just screamed ‘take me out to the dragstrip’, which I was not allowed to oblige.  Instead, I opted for performance on-road tests such as city, highway, serpentines, controlled 360s and a little back roads driving. In each event the IPL held the road extremely while being both ‘light on its feet’ and a dream to maneuver while giving immediate response in all categories from accelerating, and steering, to braking.

The vehicle’s double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension, Traction Control System, and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) helped to keep it firmly planted on the road while the perfectly designed chassis provided even balance, confident handling and reactive suspension.  Regardless of minor dips and road conditions the shocks and suspension kept the body very buoyant to the extent that there was never any worry of scraping the G37 IPLs intense ground effects.

The feel of the vehicle was a testament that the chassis was engineered to hold a perfect center of gravity.  If any of the designs dimensions were to be changed even a smidge the car would not be as fine-tuned or flow with the road (regardless of road or traffic conditions) as well as it did.  It would also not be the fabulously fun, high performance, sport luxury car that it is. 


 G37 interiorExterior and Interior

With a meticulously engineered, sleekly sculpted, aerodynamic body and bold yet luxuriously streamlined interior to match, the IPL included everything one could ever want from such a ride from the exterior to under the hood.  Inside, the G37 features bolstered black leather bucket/racing seats accented with bold red stitching.  The seats molded with the body and held me in at the same time.  The driver seat also featured 12-way power adjustment with memory.  The back seats are for two passengers and has a middle console which also converted as an armrest .  The seats are wide and comfortable for all including the front and back passengers however, those seated in the back do not have personal air vents.

As a whole, the interior is wide and convex enough to provide plenty of body room for all while making a great use of space, especially for those seated in the front.  The front flooring dips down to provide additional leg room which is perfect for those with long legs. This makes it so that neither the driver nor the passenger’s knees are digging into the dash.


 G37 wheelsSafety

Infiniti’s are known for their high attention to providing advanced numbers of airbags, crash and occupant detection sensors, full vehicle body sonar sensing monitors, and some of the best illuminated rearview cameras (in the industry).  The camera’s also project different colored zones in response to nearest possible external impediments (while in reverse).  The only viewing problem I noticed in the G37 IPL Coupe was a minor blind spot between the second row window and tiny side/back window.

Additional safety features include Vehicle to Vehicle distance control mode and child safety LATCH system with tethers.  Not only is the G37 IPL Coupe full of safety features, sporty, luxurious and a dream to drive, it is also quite roomy and functional.  For example, the cargo area can easily fit two full sized golf bags. But in the case of us trendy ladies and moms, the cargo is big enough to hold anything from shopping bags to strollers!


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