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August 20, 2012

SEMA Women’s Build and MagnaFlow

Image003At MagnaFlow, we take quality seriously - and this includes the involvement of women in our company. From the board of directors to our tech team and production lines, women are a large asset to everything that we do. Not only does it bring unique perspectives to our work and designs, but we women know how to keep the guys in the office in line and focused on the next step. MagnaFlow has a rich history, with over 30 years of excellence in the aftermarket performance industry and we know what it takes to keep a company like this at the top of its game.

43538dced06d11e1bacf1231380f8dc9_7When the SEMA Women’s Network asked us to get involved with this build, we were more than ready to get dirty and crank a wrench or two. We’ve both seen many exhaust builds and installs during our years working at MagnaFlow, but we’d never gotten under the cars ourselves. So, prior to getting to work on the 2013 SEMA Mustang, we spent a little time in our own tech center learning from our specialists, engineers and builders how to do an install smoothly and quickly. They even caught us on film: MagnaFlow boasts that our systems are designed with the car guy (or girl!) in mind, and created to be easy to install with just simple basic tools. After learning how to do it, we can say that the boast is 100% true.

81e29084d02811e1bb23123138106a6e_7On the day of the shoot, we put on our jumpsuits, opened up the boxes and prepared our systems for install. Once the cameras started rolling, we started wrenching and just 20 minutes later, that pony was ready to roar (faster than we even did in our shop!). We enjoyed every minute of the process and it was so much fun to be around everyone and all the great energy. Of course, the incredible finishing touch was the one-off pony emblem customized exhaust tip to capitalize on the High Gear design!

We were so proud to be a part of this incredible opportunity to work with driven and powerful women on a very killer ride and are looking forward to seeing her fully finished at SEMA.


Kirsten Wright


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