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24 posts from February 2012

February 29, 2012

Women's Automotive Association International Hosts 'The Power of Social Media'

Panel Discussion Takes Place at NYIAS on Thursday, April 5

BannerThe Women’s Automotive Association International (WAAI) will host 'The Power of Social Media' during the New York International Auto Show's Press Preview on Thursday, April 5.

Social media is the fastest growing marketing phenomenon and is no longer considered a passing fad.

Consumers are talking about their purchases and the companies that provide them every day. The information that can be leveraged from harnessing this information will be extremely powerful in developing marketing strategies and customer relations.

Ian Beavis, Executive Vice President, Nielsen Global Automotive will lead a panel of distinguished woman, working in corporate social media, to discuss this powerful tool.

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February 28, 2012

Infographic: Customer Loyalty: What It Is And Why It’s Important

Infographic-smallerCustomers are a business’ most important asset, without them the business wouldn’t exist. So it’s imperative, as we always tell our Certified Female Friendly clients, to keep these customers happy and improve their loyalty.  NBRI created this customer loyalty infographic to help you not only understand it, but to help you cultivate that loyalty among your own customers.  

Head past the jump and check it out!

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February 27, 2012

Join Ask Patty and CarMD in the "No Panic Zone" - Twitter Party March 13!


February 24, 2012

DARCARS Automotive Group Receives Progressive Industry Award

TammyIt wasn’t too long ago, that it would have been considered difficult to find a woman heading a successful venture in the automotive world. However, times they are a changing- this past weekend at a meeting surrounding the NADA (National Automotive Dealers Association) Convention, three female powerhouses in the automotive industry came together to celebrate exactly what each of them have been working so hard to accomplish.

The exact reason of the gathering was obvious- Paula Lombard, President of WEXCO Industries/AutoTex Pink and Jody DeVere, CEO of Ask Patty, aimed to present VP of DARCARS Automotive, Tammy Darvish ,with an award for being the “Certified Female Friendly Customer of 2011”. On the surface, the act of showing appreciation between these 3 ladies seemed simple but the meaning behind their actions, in actuality, goes much deeper.

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February 23, 2012

Simple Steps to Save Gas Without Driving Less

Carcare-logoBrought to you by the Car Care Council

Driving less doesn’t have to be a consumer’s reaction to rising gas prices, according to the Car Care Council. While consumers can’t control the price of gas, they can control how much gas they use by following some simple and inexpensive vehicle maintenance.

“Most motorists don’t have the option of driving less when gas prices rise, but they can cancel out the increases by making sure their vehicle is getting maximum fuel economy,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “Fuel consumption is directly related to vehicle care and driver behavior and both can have a significant impact on how much motorists pay at the pump.”

The Car Care Council offers these simple steps to save gas without driving less:

  • Keep your car properly tuned to improve gas mileage by an average of 4 percent.
  • Keep tires properly inflated and improve gas mileage by 3 percent.
  • Replace dirty or clogged air filters on older vehicles to improve gas mileage by as much as 14 percent.
  • Replace dirty spark plugs, which can reduce mileage by two miles per gallon.
  • Change oil regularly and gain another mile per gallon.
  • Check the gas cap. Damaged, loose or missing gas caps allow gas to vaporize into the air.
  • Observe the speed limit. Gas mileage decreases rapidly above 60 mph.
  • Avoid excessive idling. Idling gets zero miles per gallon. Warming up the vehicle for one or two minutes is sufficient.
  • Avoid quick starts and stops. Aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent in the city.
  • Consolidate trips. Several short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much gas as one longer multi-purpose trip.
  • Don’t haul unneeded items in the trunk. An extra 100 pounds in the trunk reduces fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent.

“Some motorists think they are saving money when they put off needed vehicle maintenance,” said White. “What they don’t realize is that neglecting routine maintenance can end up costing a lot more. Keeping your car running efficiently and modifying your driving behavior is the best way to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and keep more money in your pocket.”

Car Care Tips


February 22, 2012

Erin Evernham: “What is it like to be a woman race car driver?”

Erin HeadshotChallenging yet rewarding is my preferred answer. Like any sport or career, it has its highs andlows but quite frankly, it is all I have ever known so its hard to compare it with anything else. It’s not for the faint hearted I can guarantee that.

Of course, I had people tell me I had no business racing. That girls weren’t capable of handling a race car. That I would never be successful. I had one man tell a car owner of mine that if hewas going to put me in the car, he was considering parking his car or he expected us to pay any damages to his car that I created.

After I graduated from college, where I had lived in a sorority house with 35 other girls, I packed all of my belongings into a few duffle bags and proceeded to live on the road for a full year with three guys. We traveled back and forth across the country in a tractor trailer, stayed in local motels, and even showered in truck stops when needed. Culture shock? Yes.

08 headshotBeing in such a male dominated world, I had to constantly try to prove I deserved to be there. It wasn’t always an easy task and I sure didn’t help myself much that particular season by choosing to run with the World of Outlaws. Regarded by most, as one of the toughest and rugged forms of motorsports, the cars weigh roughly 1200lbs and the methanol burning engines put out anastounding 930 plus horsepower. But my plan was simple, if I could run with these boys and besuccessful, I knew I could earn the respect from even the most elite racers and team owners in all of auto racing.

After 85 races that year, a half a dozen or so destroyed race cars, and about 200 or more days straight living on the road, it happened! I found myself and my crew standing in World of Outlaws Victory Lane being congratulated by some of my lifelong racing heroes! Not long after that, I had an agent and I was well on my way of fulfilling my dream of making it to the NASCAR world.

CheeriosBeing a woman in the auto racing world opened many doors for me, that may not have been opened otherwise. At the pinnacle of my racing career I was racing full time in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and part time in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. I was able to do this with the backing of one of the top teams in the business and in part by a multi million dollar sponsorship from General Mills with the their Cheerios and Betty Crocker brands. They were very open to backing a woman driver as their consumer group is largely made up of females.

For all the challenges I faced throughout my career, the rewards were well worth it. Racing has provided me the opportunity to travel the world, make wonderful lasting friendships, and drive some of the most incredible cars.

Most importantly, it has been rewarding to prove people wrong and do something powerful for all women. To help us earn a little more credibility amongst the men.

Erin Evernham
Ray Everham Enterprises

February 21, 2012

Infographic: The Purchasing Power of Women

Purchasingpower-thumbWe love infographics, in case you hadn't noticed already.  This new one comes from, and outlines somethine we at AskPatty have been touting for quite some time - women control the marketplace, and if you're going to succeed in marketing, you need to marketing to the women.  I won't go on since it's all been said before, but do hit the jump for the graphic, it's quite enlightening.

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February 20, 2012

2012 Hyundai Azera Car Review

Azera main pic

With a V6 - Six-speed electronic automatic with OD lock-up torque converter, shift lock and SHIFTRONIC® manual shift, Hyundai Azera offers more than just power.. it provides unending options.

With nine standard airbags – includes knee, front, rear, and side curtains, rear view back up camera and child LATCH system.  The manufacturer has also implemented their impact-reducing seat system for the Azera. This seat system eliminates the need for active front head restraints and is expected to reduce head and neck injuries by 17 percent over the front seats in the previous generation Azera, which had active front head restraints. This result is achieved through optimization of seat back structure to further absorb impacts.

The Azera also features a state-of-the-art braking package. The package includes four-wheel disc brakes (12.6 inch front and 11.2 inch rear) and an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) including Brake Assist, which provides maximum braking force when a panic stop is detected. 

Creature Comforts
Azera comfortable
Standard leather interior with heated front and rear seats, heated side mirrors, side window sunshades, elegant yet sporty with wrap-around LED taillights,  a flow-through center fascia and instrument panel. These flowing surfaces complement the exterior design and wrap around the driver and passengers creating a feeling of comfort and security.

 Ten-way power driver and eight-way front passenger’s seats are standard equipment. The driver’s seat has an optional cushion extension and an integrated memory system for the seat, steering wheel and side mirrors. Azera’s climate and seat temperature controls keep occupants in total comfort.  Heated front and rear seats standard, dual automatic climate control standard, second row air vents standard and standard cooled glove box make for chilled refreshments and a cool ride!

The Ride
The Azera is equipped with advanced front and rear-suspension using maximized through Sachs Amplitude Selective Dampers (ASD), allowing tuning flexibility at smaller damper displacements, (less bumpy).   Azera also features ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and the Motor-Driven electric Power Steering (MDPS). Vehicle Stability Management, (VSM) works to control two effects. The first is when a driver accelerates or brakes on a split-mu surface (slippery on one side, dry pavement on the other) and the vehicle wants to pull in one direction. VSM detects this condition and sends a signal to the MDPS to apply steering assist. VSM counters the pull and automatically provides eight Newton meters of counter- steering. VSM reacts the same way during sudden lane changes or fast cornering. 
At just 3,605 pounds, Azera is lighter than the Buick LaCrosse and Ford Taurus.   This priority on weight allows the Azera to deliver a great combination of agility, performance and fuel efficiency.  The weight difference is 200 – 400 lbs. so no worries about feeling as if driving in an aluminum can.  Azera's high level of technology within the vehicle confirms the vehicle offers more than the average ride.

Azera tech
There is a standard navigation system with seven-inch touch screen, three month subscription of XM Satellite Radio, Real-time XM NavTraffic, XM NAV Weather®, XM Sports Ticker and XM Stock Ticker, Bluetooth hands-free phone system, auxiliary iPod/USB inputs, backup camera is standard on the vehicle.  The connectivity system features 8GB of flash memory and comes matched with a sound system that plays compact discs, accesses digital music files, and streaming audio.

Azera offers two choices in audio systems the Infinity 550-watt premium option features the Logic 7 audio system with 12 speakers, including an eight-inch subwoofer and external amplifier.  An XM Satellite Radio interface is also integrated into the head unit and features channel logos and XM Data services, such as XM NavWeather®, XM Stock Ticker and XM Sports Ticker. Azera also offers standard HD Radio™ technology.
Azera averages 20 city mpg. /29 hwy. mpg. with a price starting at $32k.

Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Women Who Ran for President!

A-woman-for-presidentHappy President's Day, Ask Patty Nation!  Today, for a little fun, we're bringing you a list of ten thing you probably didn't know about some of the women who have aspired to hold our nation's highest political office.  If you're lucky enough to have the day off today, enjoy it - all the rest of you, have a little trivia fun while you work today.  

  • The first woman to run for president was Victoria Woodhull in 1872.  The government declined to print her name on the ballot.

  • 1964 is the first year in which any woman had her name on a ballot as a candidate for President. 

  • Sen. Margaret Chase Smith (ME) was the first and also the most successful woman to run for the Republican nomination for President. In the 1964 primaries, she received over 83,000 votes from at least six states and at the convention she got 22 delegate votes from 4 states. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith was only on three Republican primary ballots in 1964, though she also received some write-in votes from other states.

  • Elizabeth Dole raised over five million dollars while exploring a race for the 2000 Republican nomination. She was the most successful fundraiser of all the female candidates, but since she dropped out early, her name was not on any ballot.

  • Lenora Fulani was the most successful female minor party candidate. Her name was on the ballot in 51 jurisdictions in 1988 and 48 in 1992. No other woman running for President, whether in a primary or a general election, has had her name on as many different ballots.

  • At least four African-American women have had their names on a Democratic Presidential primary ballot: Shirley Chisholm in 1972; Lenora Fulani in 1992; Mildred Glover and Carol Mosely Braun in 2004. (There may be more since it is hard to determine the race of all 22)

  • One Asian-American woman has had her name on a Democratic Presidential primary ballot: Patsy Mink in 1972.

  • At least one African-American woman has had her name on a Republican Presidential primary ballot: Isabell Masters in 1988, 1992, and 1996. (There may be more).

  • Mary Jane Rachner is the only woman to have her name on a Republican primary ballot in one year (1988) and a Democratic primary ballot in another (1992).

  • The woman on the most Republican Party primary ballots was Tennie Rogers, who was on nine state ballots in 1992. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith was only on three Republican primary ballots in 1964, though she also received some write-in votes. She got ten times more votes than Rogers.
Kaeli Gardner


February 17, 2012

Six Common Car Care Habits that May Be Causing Harm to Your Vehicle

Mercedes_046B.Final.AThat Simple Car Wash Could End Up Costing You
More Than You Bargained For
Everyone enjoys a great looking car, but many consumers are unaware of some every day habits that can harm your paint finish. Keeping your car in shape helps to avoid costly damage down the line, which is why Meguiar’s®, the world’s leading surface care company, wants car owners to know how to protect their cars. Meguiar’s reveals six common ways consumers neglect their cars, and easy routine changes to help prevent each.

1. “Using Dishwashing Detergent to Clean the Exterior” – Most household detergents are formulated to strip everything off the surface, including the wax protection on your car. While this might be great for your dishes, your car is now defenseless against the elements. Meguiar’s suggests using a pH balanced car wash product, like Meguiar’s Gold Class Shampoo and Conditioner, that removes loose surface dirt and debris without damaging the car’s surface.

2. “Parking Under Trees” – Although it’s tempting to take advantage of parking in the shade, it’s actually one of the most damaging things you can do to your paint finish. The damage caused by items falling from above like tree sap and bird droppings, is actually greater than leaving your car in the sun, because sap and bird droppings, if not removed quickly enough, can permanently damage your paint finish.

3. “Neglecting Headlights” – Dull, hazy, and oxidized headlights are the first giveaway sign of a neglected car. Not only are they unattractive, they can also be a safety concern as they make it difficult to see the road ahead and avoid potential hazards. To maximize the brightness of your headlights, try using Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit™.

 4. “Leaving Spilled Food and Drinks” – Forgetting to clean up spills is not only unsightly, it can also lead to permanent stains and unpleasant odors in the interior of your car. Meguiar’s recommends leaving a few terrycloth towels and Quik Interior Detailer™ in the trunk in case of emergencies. Cleaning up spilled food right away is key to getting the entire stain out. To tackle any foul odors, Meguiar’s recommends also having a bottle of Odor Eliminator handy.

5. “Using Just One Bucket" – By using just one bucket when washing, you end up transferring dirt back onto the car, which can create swirl marks and defeats the purpose of your wash. Meguiar’s suggests using two buckets: a plain water bucket for rinsing the wash mitt and a wash solution bucket for retrieving fresh suds to continue cleaning. Using a Grit Guard in each bucket also helps to trap loose dirt particles, preventing them from transferring back onto your car.

6. “Using Too Much Product on Your Vehicle” – When applying wax to protect the surface of your vehicle, a common mistake is to use too much product in one application. Not only is this wasteful of the product, but it also creates extra work when removing the product. To get the most out of your wax, Meguiar’s suggests a single uniform thin layer of wax. If you are worried about coverage or protection during tough winter months, a second uniform, thin layer may be applied.

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