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August 26, 2011

Your Weekly Dose of Awesome, courtesy of GM

It's Friday, Ask Patty Nation, and today I'd like to kickstart your weekend with something that the good folks at GM sent to me.  It's part of their "Faces of GM" series highlighting GM employees, and this one is particularly amazing to me.  Meet Suzy Cody - she's an aerodynamic engineer who worked on the 2013 Malibu, among other things. She also happens to be a mom, and a roller derby girl.  That's right - by day she puts cars through their paces inside a wind tunnel in command of a 43-foot wide fan capable of producing winds in excess of 125mph, and by night she is the scourge of the skating rink as her alter ego:  "Shovey Camaro."  That's almost too much awesome to squeeze into one video, but they sure tried.  I'll share the video after the jump, but I leave you with this quote from Suzy: "I'm not like the other girls.  I'm a blue-haired, derby skating, Camaro driving, mother of two, engineer.  There is no other one like me"   

Suzy: rock on, girl.  Rock on.  

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Hit the jump for the video.

Read more about Suzy here, and here's that video:


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