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April 07, 2011

Bark Buckle UP Reviews: 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE

Dograngerover Our dear friend Christina Selter the Pet Safety Lady presents a new pet-friendly review, this time of the 2011 Range Rover Sport. If you travel with furry friends, you'd do well to check out her review and watch the videos after the jump, and watch this blog for many more pet safety reviews still to come.

Range Rover Sport's highly rigid body, with its low center of gravity and energy-absorbing crumple zones, offers impressive levels of safety and occupant protection. Dynamic Stability Control monitors wheel speed and steering angle to help make cornering safer and more stable. Roll Stability Control operates progressively to help maintain stability. And of course ABS, in the form of four channel, all-terrain anti-lock braking, is fitted. While for added peace of mind there is a total of six airbags, including side curtains. Range Rover Sport also features Land Rover's legendary command driving position, which offers a clear view of the surrounding environment and helps to put the driver in complete control.


  •   Optional Cargo Barrier, separates pets from cargo. Must be fitted with Cargo Barrier.
  • Loadspace rubber mat, waterproof with retaining lip and non-slip surface.
  • Heavy duty fabric protects loadspace up to window height. Covers full loadspace even with rear seats folded.
  • Electric cool bag, great for long or short trips when you need to keep fidos food or meds temperature controlled. Powered by the 12 volt auxiliary socket. Thermostatically controlled temperature. Easy clean interior surfaces. Height 14.96 inches, length 14.96 inches, width 8.66 inches. Volume 14 liters.
  • Unbelievable great ride with four corner air suspension which helps ensure the vehicle is optimized for a responsive ride, handling, and balance. Combined with steering that's nimble at slow speeds and more weighted at high speeds, there's a greater feeling of control and stability. This reduces strain on ones pet while riding in the vehicle.
  • Waterfall lighting: Making it that much easier for your pets to safely leap into the vehicle in low light settings.
  • Automatic climate control: Getting the cabin to the correct temperature that much faster really helps on those hot or cold days.
  • Rear passengers cup holders: Making it easy for pets riding in the back to obtain a quick drink while on the go.
  • Rear View Camera: The Rear View Camera helps reversing by displaying a wide-angled image on the Touch-screen.



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