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April 15, 2011

AskPatty's Mobile Tattle Tale App - live today!

Tattletale Greetings, AskPatty blog aficionados!  It is with great pride that I announce to you that as of today, Ask Patty has graduated into the mobile arena.  On the homepage you can link to and download your very own Ask Patty branded Mobile TattleTale app for Blackberry, Android, and coming soon for the iPhone as well.

What's this, you say?  It's actually pretty much amazing what this app does.  Check it out after the jump.

Okay, so this is clearly an app for moms, particularly moms of teens who are on the road.  Distracted driving is a serious problem, particularly cell-phone related distracted driving, and doubly so in drivers under 20.  New drivers today have learned to drive with a phone in their hand, so many of them don't realize just how distracted they are!  Well, that's where this app comes in. 

Here's how it works - the app uses the GPS in the teen's phone to determine if they're moving more than 20mph (or any other threshold you decide).  If so, the app locks the phone down.  No texting, no calls.  Should the teen attempt to text or place a call, mom gets a text alert.  Should the teen attempt to disable Mobile TattleTale, similarly - mom gets a text alert.  The parent sets the options and decides how much control she really wants - so a softer approach is an option as well.  The options are many, from optional text alerts and the speed threshold to even a custom auto-response message to anyone who tries to text in while the teen is behind the wheel.

This app is awesome, and has the honor of being the first mobile app worthy of Ask Patty's endorsement.  It's a mere $4.99 a year, and a portion of those proceeds go to United Spinal AssociationDownload the app here, or just follow the link on the homepage.


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