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January 26, 2011

Car Lashes: Crazy Cute or Just Crazy?

Car-lashes-2 Yup, they're real.  Long, perfect eyelashes for your car's headlights, so you can "dress up your headlights with a touch of fashion and a twinkle of crystal" in their optional rhinestone "Crystal Eyeliner"...  Without a doubt they're cute, and they're definitely unique, but would you put them on your car?  


When they were announced, the blogosphere went a little crazy last year.  Outspoken opinions varied from horror to intrigue; some people were certain that these were proof that high-profile glamorous party girls like Paris Hilton had undermined females everywhere, others see them as a cutesy gimmick for the sweet sixteens, but harmless, and many people just think they're creepy.  Me?  I'm on the fence.  They're clearly aimed at the 'tween' demographic, but if their web traffic is to be trusted, they're doing pretty well, because their site has suffered some intermittent downtime due to high traffic since they were announced.  I'm not going to waste time speculating as to their impact on women's lib, though.  I'm thinking negligible.

One thing I can say is this:  in order for this product to be commercially viable, and as popular as it is, the image of the modern motorist has certainly changed in a very short period of time.  Think about it.  Even as recently as ten years ago, how many automotive products were available that were specifically targeted at women?  Perhaps some pink floor mats, or a gaudy leopard-print seat cover.  The days of bikini-clad buxom automotive spokespersons is thankfully past, and the mothers and daughters are the movers and shakers.  Whether your style is cutesy or refined, women behind the wheel, even the young ones, are clearly in the position of power in today's automotive market.

For more information on CarLashes, visit the company's website here.


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