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June 23, 2009

91 years old and 557,000 miles, and still going strong together

Rachel_and_chariot Everybody is talking about this little old lady and her lifetime partnership with her Mercury Comet Caliente. She's more than 90 years old, and has been driving her "Chariot" since 1964.

Now with 557,000 miles on the odometer, the spunky pair has had their fair share of adventures together over the last 45 years. The two of them are inseperable, and after more than a half-million miles together, this little old lady wants no other car.

Rachel_Veitch In her first video segment created two years ago at,
Rachel Veitch demonstrated her detailed service records and explained how she meticulously cared for her car for its first 540,000 miles. For as long as she owned the car, she explained, she purchased lifetime parts and warranties whenever possible and has already received 16 replacements through the lifetime battery warranty from JC Penney, three sets of shocks and seven mufflers from those warranties. None of her three husbands ever proved to be as reliable as her motorized life partner!

In the second segment posted earlier this year, Rachel defended her car as "mine all mine," and proudly said "Nobody is gonna take care of that car the way I have," promising it would go into a museum after she passes. Unfortunately, at the time of this segment's creation, her Chariot, with 557,000 miles on the odometer was operating a little under the weather and needed a mechanic's magic touch, but plucky Rachel had not lost faith in her treasured transportation.

In her third segment, posted earlier in June,   revealed more about Rachel on a personal level. For this single woman in her 90s, her beloved Chariot is the key to her personal freedom. A true red-white-and-blue patriotic American, this gritty granny certainly knows how to take care of herself: she still takes road trips, she still lives in her own home, and she owns and trains with a handgun so she can defend herself if she should have to. While this third segment is not as focused on her beloved Chariot, it certainly reveals what makes this spunky woman tick!

My little Subaru is brand new: but Brandy Schaffels, our editor has put more than 145,000 miles on her 1998 Honda Accord, and says she hopes to drive it past 200K. How many miles have you put on your own car? Please share your stories with other car-loving ladies here at CarBlabber  How cool would it be if we could get Rachel to join in the conversation?

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