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November 14, 2006

Volvo Is Voted Most Fido Friendly

Breanne_8 by Breanne Boyle
Face it, dogs and cars just go together. I am not sure exactly why they like it, but both of my dogs love to stick their face out the window to get smacked in the kisser with 50mph wind. Our vet said the smells make them "high." High? Apparently so. The smells in the air are so delectable to a dog that it makes them giddy. I suppose if every time I stuck my head out of the car window it gave me the feeling of eating a dark chocolate raspberry truffle from See's Candies, then I might just do it as well.

You've heard me mention how my car isn't entirely dog friendly - hopefully that will change when I get my new custom backseat cover from Canine Covers - but what actually makes a car Fido Friendly and is there one maker that is better than the rest?

Doggles_430 According to, "A recent survey by found that more than 30 percent of holiday travelers will take their pet with them," and that prompted, to offer a view on pet-friendly features offered by manufacturers.

"In our research, we found that Volvo does the best job of offering products for pet owners," said managing editor Patrick Olsen in a statement.

Pet_gate Volvo offers all kinds of options for pet-loving drivers like us. You can get nets that span between the ceiling and the backrests of the front or rear seats to protect puppies and kitties from flying into the front seat when your husband breaks too hard on purpose (yes, mine does this and he thinks it's hilarious). You can also select from a collection of metal dividers for wagons and SUVs, and a vertical grate that divides the cargo area into halves.

We give a big Ask Patty thumbs up for Volvo being pet friendly! Do you have any other pet-friendly vehicle recommendations? Leave a comment and share with Ask Patty!


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