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October 26, 2006

Is Traffic Making You Sing?

Breanne_6by Breanne Boyle
One of my favorite things to do while driving is to sing to my CDs and my radio. Our expert woman, Erica Sietsma, wrote a  post recently about her favorite songs to perform to while driving. Topping her list was Queen, which is a favorite of mine as well. Who doesn’t like to sing “Don’t Stop Me Now” at the top of their lungs while banging out the beat on their steering wheel? Don’t all shout at once.

Momsings Well, I can relate to Erica. I have my preferred songs and stations (L.A. has a station called Jack FM, which is pretty much like the best mix of all of your favorite music ever). The music I choose depends on my mood. Is it rainy and slow traffic and I need something to chill me out? How about some Natalie Merchant or Billie Holiday? Is traffic moving and I am amped from a great concert or fun dinner with friends? That calls for Journey. Let me tell you how important it is to match your music to your mood by illustrating an example.

On my last trip to Vegas (we drove), we were in the worst traffic in the history of man, and I was driving a stick shift (this is about the only time I wish I drove an automatic trans). My husband thought it would be a good idea to let out some of the angst I had from driving behind the same white pickup truck for 4 hours. He put on Rage Against the Machine, a band I rather like, but if you have ever heard their music you will understand where I am going. It basically made me want to plow through every car in front of me. Playing amped-up song while in stand still traffic=not a good idea. (The trip took about 3 extra hours than it should have by the way, and we vowed only to fly to Vegas from now on.)

Kid_sings All that said and you won’t hear me utter a sound in the shower—Erica knows what I mean. And we aren’t the only ones. According to The Courier News, “9 out of 10 Americans sing in their cars than sing in the shower.” If you find that funny, get this: “Most people prefer to sing solo in their car since 8 out of 10 people said that they experience 'stage fright' and don't like to sing when there is an audience of other passengers present.”

Did you know that depending on your hair color you might be more likely to enjoy giving an automotive concert? Yep. If you have red hair, you have more fun singing in the car, according to a study done by Directive Analytics and commissioned by Auto Expressions, a leading brand of automotive accessories and air care products.

Girlsings2 So what are those silly redheads singing? (Oh man, I hope it’s Journey!) Most drivers sing to what is on the radio, even with the advent of MP3 jacks and 250-disc changers in the trunk. With most Americans averaging more than an hour in their car each day, it makes sense that we would find some amusing ways to occupy our driving time. Hey, it’s certainly better than screaming at all the bad drivers in front of you.

What songs do you sing to? Tell us in our comments section!


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