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February 08, 2016

Sweetheart Safety Tips from @AskPatty and @NexenTireUSA 1: Don't Drive in The Snow If You Don't Have To


The best way to avoid an accident on on snowy and icy roads is to simply stay off the roads until the threat passes.

Nothing can inconvenience you more than a wreck or getting stuck! If your trip is non-essential or can be postponed, just stay home. If the weather forces you change your Valentine's Day plans, schedule a romantic evening at home instead.

Be A Sweetheart and Save a Life: Get all 13 Tips for Driving Safely with the Family on Snow and Ice, here at AskPatty


Go Behind-The-Scenes of Mini Cooper's Big Game Ad #DefyLabels

Mini #DefyLabelsMini Cooper debuted a new advertising campaign for its 2016 Clubman model during Sunday's Super Bowl, called "Defy Labels." The new campaign stars such iconic celebrities as Serena Williams, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Harvey Keitel, Tony Hawk, Abby Wambach, and Michael Whinnett – Motorers who thrive on defying convention, sharing their perspective on overcoming labels, and fueling your passions.

As MINI fans, we thought you'd appreciate the chance to see behind-the-scenes footage. It includes some pretty compelling conversations with the participants in an entire series of short videos highlighting each person involved in the campaign. Learn more about how these motoring icons and MINI #DefyLabels here: And remember: Only you can define you.

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Future Technology Made Real: The 3D-Printed Car

LM3D-swim-frontviewBy Cherie Watters

Today’s technology is rapidly changing the way we view our transportation needs moving forward into the future. The introduction of electric cars, shared cars, and cars without drivers create an endless progression of new technologies addressing the way we plan to meet the challenge of our changing transportation needs in the future. Having been an automotive retailer for more than 30 years, it’s exciting to see the affect that all this new innovation is going to have on the consumer.

During my visit to the Connected Car Expo at the Los Angeles Auto Show, there was one form of technological progression on this super highway of change that I found particularly interesting and that really grabbed my attention: The 3D-printed, fully electric LM3D Swim automobile offered by Local Motors.

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February 05, 2016

The Latest Driver Safety Technologies

Car_technology-iStock_000045322586-cosmin4000Every day, we're getting closer and closer to self-driving cars. In fact, a number of models are already on the market that are more than capable of driving hundreds of miles on the Interstate with almost no input from a human being.

Currently, they're required by law to disengage if the driver doesn't touch the steering wheel every so often, but the capability is here right now.

Meanwhile, the features that enable this capability are being marketed independently as the following driver safety technologies.

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February 04, 2016

Women’s Automotive Association International Names 2016 Spirit of Leadership Honorees

Women_in_Automotive-Spirit_of_leadership_award-2016Five accomplished industry women have been chosen to receive the esteemed 2016 Spirit of Leadership Award. Established in 1999, the WAAI's "Spirit of Leadership" award is presented annually to professional women in the automotive industry in recognition of their significant accomplishments in their profession, community, and family.

These women have dedicated their life to their profession and to giving back to others; and they serve as mentors and are role models to us all. Sustained superior performance, community involvement, influence and support of other women within the automotive industry are just some of the qualities these women possess. A Spirit of Leadership award is given for three automotive business sectors: 1) manufacturer, 2) dealership, and 3) supplier.

This year’s honorees represent diverse segments of the auto industry:

Mandi_Fang-headshotMandi Fang
vAuto, VP, Product Management

Mandi Fang is vice president of product management for vAuto. She oversees the ongoing development, growth and innovation of the company’s new and used vehicle inventory management solutions for dealers and OEMs. In this role, Mandi works closely with key internal and external stakeholders to prioritize and pursue product initiatives that advance the goals of vAuto and Cox Automotive business units to better serve dealer customers. Prior to vAuto, Mandi successfully held product development, management, customer relationship and sales roles with automotive industry leaders Reynolds & Reynolds and Digital Motorworks, earning multiple awards for her service. Mandi received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Morehead State University.

Shellie_Medici-headshotShellie Medici
FCA, Commodity Manager

Shellie Medici has a long history with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, having started with Chrysler more than 25 years ago. As a Commodity Manager, Shellie is responsible for the direct management of Corporate Outsourcing Initiatives, consulting services, and purchase services. In 2008, Shellie was honored with the “Champion of Supplier Diversity” Award acknowledging her significant contributions to supplier diversity by The Chrysler Foundation. Shellie is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration.

Christy_Roman-headshotChristy Roman
Founder of Women in Automotive Conference

A founding partner also of Women in Automotive, Christy Roman also works with other female industry leaders to create events aimed at empowering and developing women in auto. An entrepreneur with a background in advertising sales, management and a few online start-ups, Christy Roman has a unique perspective on advertising as it pertains to automotive and the Internet. Her claim to fame was developing and monetizing the Partnership Program (now the Premium Program) dealer initiative at which turned them into a classified advertising powerhouse and now generates hundreds of millions of dollars. Christy is a member of the Ask Patty Female Speaker's Bureau, and has been a past speaker at multiple dealer conferences including Digital Dealer, PCG Digital Boot Camp, AutoCon, Dealer 20 Groups, Dealer Think Tank, and Joni Stuker Training. Christy holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Kathy_gilbert-headshot2Kathy Gilbert
Director of Sales and Business Development for CDK Global, Inc

Kathy Gilbert is the Director of Sales and Business Development for CDK Global, Inc (formerly ADP Dealer Services). She has management responsibility for the CDK Minority and Women Dealer Business(es) which includes 1,500 clients across the United States with roughly $60M in revenue. Kathy has over 20 years with CDK, where she has held positions in Product Marketing, Field Sales – Northeast, Sales Operations & Support and Competitive Intelligence. Kathy is an advocate for all clients, especially our minority and women dealers. Kathy continues to partner with internal and external stakeholders to deliver unique, personalized experiences for our clients and to showcase our products and services.

Michelle_Primm-headshotMichelle Primm
Cascade Auto Group

Michelle Primm began her automotive career as a high school student doing filing for the service department at Cascade Auto Group 40 years ago. During high school summer breaks, she worked in Parts then moved to the office during college. After completing her Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in Finance and Economics at Kent State University she became Business Manager, then General Manager. Currently Managing Partner, Michelle is a graduate of the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy. She has represented Women Dealers on the NADA Board of Directors for more than eight years; in 2015 she was honored by Crain's Cleveland Business as "A Woman of Note," and received the Barbara Cox Anthony Automotive Woman of the Year Award from Cox Automotive. She has also volunteered for the "Youth for Understanding USA" organization for more than 15 years.

The_D-Hotel-Las_VegasThese five women will be honored at the 17th Annual Spirit of Leadership Awards Reception on Saturday, April 2, 2016, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the D Hotel in Las Vegas, during which attendees will also enjoy an exciting Automotive Art Experience with renowned artist Daniel Cascardo.  The reception is being held in conjunction with the 2016 NADA Convention. A portion of the event proceeds will be contributed to the WAAI International Scholarship Program, which provides tuition assistance to qualified students pursuing careers in the automotive industry. A special presentation will also be made to a local nonprofit organization to help women.

"We are honored to be able to award these outstanding women who have shown exemplary leadership in both their personal and professional lives", says Lynn Wilhelm, President and CEO of the Women's Automotive Association International. "We salute their efforts and accomplishments and hope they will continue to inspire more to excel in the industry. We also extend deep appreciation to Cox Automotive as our presenting sponsor and Northwood University for their outstanding support of our Spirit of Leadership Awards Reception.”

Women_in_automotive_conference_logoFounded in 1995, WAAI focuses on recognizing the achievements of women in the automotive industry, providing networking and relationship-building opportunities, and encouraging growth through mentoring, educational endeavors and scholarships.

For additional information on the awards reception, including sponsorship and advertising opportunities, and to purchase tickets, visit the WAAI website, Or email to Lynn Wilhelm, WAAI president,, or call 248.646.5250.

AskPatty Car Buyers Receive Additional Benefits!

Woman-with-new-car-keys-thinkstock-104459344When you use the AskPatty Auto Buying Service, and purchase through a Certified Dealer, you are eligible for Buyer's Bonus benefits at no additional cost.

  • Auto Repair Expense Reimbursement — Reimburses 20% of the payment, if any, made to repair the vehicle purchased through the car buying program. Covers up to a $500 reimbursement on repair (parts included) 2x a year (service not available in New Hampshire or New York).
  • Auto Deductible Reimbursement — Reimburses what you've paid, if anything, for your insurance deductible when you file a claim. Covers up to $500 2x a year (service not available in New Hampshire or New York).
  • Auto Expert Opinion — Talk directly to a certified mechanic to discuss questions you might have on recommended repairs and cost, sounds your car is making, etc. Unlimited use.

Simply report your completed purchase from a Certified Dealer within 45 days and receive $2,000 + worth of FREE bonus benefits.

Plus the free AskPatty Auto Buying Service is easy to use:

  1. Research the car you want and see what others paid for the car you want with free Price Reports.
  2. Request your Certificate for the new or used car you’re interested in purchasing.
  3. Set up a test drive and show your Certificate to make sure you receive all eligible incentives and program savings.

That’s it – from the research to purchase, we’ve streamlined the process and put the information you need in one place so you can buy with confidence, knowing you got a good deal.

To learn more, go to the AskPatty Auto Buying Service.

February 03, 2016

7 Things Drivers Should Do to Keep Pedestrians & Cyclists Safe

Keep_Pedestrians_Cyclists_Safe_sAs good drivers, we know exactly how to interact with other cars on the road – we know who has the right of way at various types of intersections, what to do if another car has its lights off at night, and how to handle a tailgater.

But what many drivers are far less versed in is safe interaction with the pedestrians and cyclists with whom they share the road.  And given that cars are the post powerful things on the road, this lack of knowledge often causes accidents that result in serious injury or even death.

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February 02, 2016

AskPatty's Guide to the Best-Selling New Cars for 2015

Woman_car_dealership-iStock_000038020078-DeklofenakThe new car sales numbers are in for 2015, with more than 17 million vehicles sold in the United States. Six brands -- Ford, Chevy, Ram, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan -- comprise this year’s top ten best-selling models and have sold more than 4.3 million units alone. This is the sixth straight year U.S. deliveries have grown after hitting a 27-year low of 10.4 million in 2009.

The ten models have many things in common: The three most popular vehicles are actually trucks, staples for practical consumers who must combine their heavy-duty work wants with their functional family needs as well. Five of them are inexpensive sedans and coupes that offer comfort for passengers, as well as economic fuel efficiency. Seven of the top-selling models are from Japanese manufacturers. All of the cars on the list have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting below $30,000, with six of them affordably under $25,000. AskPatty Auto Buying Service. buyers who put down 20 percent and qualify with a 3 percent financing rate could have monthly payments for these six cars below $350 for 60 months*.

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